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Aesthetic Emotions

The word “aesthetics” means something different for everyone. There are many things that everyone may find aesthetically pleasing, such as the taste of your favorite food or the way you look after getting all dressed up. However, there are also many differences. Something I find personally find pretty “beautiful,” if you will, is the feeling … Continue reading

For You, By You, With You

Driving out of the underground we are welcomed by hues of yellow, orange, pink, and blue against the midnight blue mountains that stand tall in the background, illuminated by the light. Stopping for a second, I watch my first sunrise. As it peaks over the horizon, the colours mentioned previously are seen for what seems … Continue reading

Aesthetics Criteria

Digital Media as Folk Art

First, a definition: “Folk art encompasses art produced from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic.[1] Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed. Closely related terms are … Continue reading

A Solely Human Aspect of Existence: The Experience of Beauty

Another reading on Aesthetics for those looking into Kant, and the nature of beauty: In the history of thought there is probably no philosophy that has posited the question about man with the intensity, extensiveness and centrality equal to those present in Kant’s philosophy. It is well-known that in his last work, Logik, which appeared as edited … Continue reading

Heal the World… with art

Art can be labelled as the appreciation of beauty because to everyone beauty is defined differently whether it’s the way someone looks, the rich taste in food, or even music. An object’s beauty would appear to be a relational, mind-dependent property – a property it possesses in asset of its capacity to affect observers in a certain … Continue reading

Wozzeck – Iris

It was the start of the 20th century, and the artistic world was shifting to a new interpretation of the world. The days of rich vitality and passion of the Romantics were fading away, and crawling to the surface was a gritty, twisted, yet painfully honest style. Expressionism. An artistic style based on the distortion … Continue reading

The Art of Cartography

A map is more than just a way to convey geographical information about the world. A good map, to me, is the ultimate crossroads between truth and beauty – a work of art that simultaneously manages to be explicit in its imparting of wisdom and reality and yet still indicates subtleties much too deep for … Continue reading

Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe)

Over-Analyzing Art Converging on an aesthetics unit, I expected only absurdity from my philosophy class. Of course, beauty is something wonderful to talk about, and works of art are something fascinating to spend your time analyzing. The problem is that I don’t appreciate art, to the extent that people would expect. I made this opinion very … Continue reading

Love: Decades in the Making

Amour is the 5 time Oscar nominated, masterpiece directed by Auteur Michael Haneke. The trailer to the film is embed above, and I will mostly try to refer to the trailer when discussing the film however I will refer  non-trailer scenes at times. I recommend all of you to see the film which opens on 18 January … Continue reading