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Contemporary Moral Problems Discussion 11.25.13

The beginning of our learning about Ethics with discussion of John Stewart Mill‘s Utilitarianism, Kant‘s Categorical Imperative, and points in between. It is the first of two discussions on readings which also includes John Rawls‘ Theory of Justice. 

In Knowledge We Trust! ~Lazar

http://web.utk.edu/~jhardwig/RoleTrust.pdf “It seems paradoxical that scientific research, in many ways one of the most questioning and skeptical of human activities, should be dependent on human trust.” -Elizabeth Nuefeld Trust is highly controversial to our mind when it comes to ideas we question, yet almost treated as an instinct among the concepts we like and desire. More so, we … Continue reading

Logic humor..

Logic humor.. I know we’re past this unit, but I just found this and giggled so much I had to share. Enjoy 🙂

Logic arguments!

Think about the following: #1 Working out makes your muscles sore & painful Pain is a bad thing to experience Therefore working out is bad for you. Obviously although this argument makes sense technically, science has proven that working out is actually good for your body, so it is not factually sound.  #2 A cow … Continue reading

R v. Stone

Stone and his wife were driving one night while the wife was verbally abusing him by telling him how he made her sick just by looking at him and how his sons weren’t his, but rather the product of adultery commited by his former wife.  She also threatened him by saying she had gone to … Continue reading

Captain Jack Sparrow on Crazy

In one of the most iconic scenes of the infamous character played by Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow spills out his perplexing realization about insanity, and more specifically, insanity within people and their behavior.  His analogy is hinting at human perception and that a certain type of behavior is judged only because of natural instincts … Continue reading

Drunk Driving Logic

A 25 year old drunk driver failed to stop at a stop sign while a vehicle containing Ms. Gregg and another passenger were lawfully passing through the intersection as the road rules permitted them to do so.  Taylor had a history of alcoholism since teenage years and even two weeks before the accident, he was … Continue reading

The Syllogisms of Seinfeld

With many of us blogging examples of humour in Logic, this post on the Syllogisms of Seinfeld seemed worthy of sharing here, especially for its examination of examples of logical fallacies being used to specific purpose in comedy: Roles of Essence — The logic or fallacy used serves as the essence of what makes it funny. … Continue reading

A Parent’s Influence on Children – Ashley

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57605098/okla-teen-acts-to-right-his-fathers-wrong/ All parents raise their children to their own beliefs and morals All children look up to their parents /The behavior of all children will model that of their parents’ behaviors.   15 year old Christian Lunsford from Oklahoma sought out to prove this valid argument wrong when he found out that his father robbed … Continue reading

One Likes to Believe in the Freedom of Music ~ Dylan

This video was one episode of a T.V. show on CNN called Crossfire. The debate at the time was to discuss the proposed ideas of censorship on albums in music. The argument written down below is on the side of censors, represented here by John Lofton, newspaper journalist.  The argument at the time was spearheaded … Continue reading