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Contemporary Moral Problems: Right Acts, Rawls & Inequality 11.26.13

The second installment of our discussion of Contemporary Moral Problems, beginning with “What makes right acts right?” and continuing into Rawls’ “Theory of Justice.” Enjoy! Advertisements

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Thanks to eternal #Philosophy12 participant and friend GNA Garcia for sharing this Harvard University course on Justice. Covering topics from murder, to cannibalism, and ethical conundrums well-beyond, the popular Harvard class (billed as “the most popular class in Harvard history”) is available freely on the Youtube. Embedded above is the first episode, which tackles the … Continue reading

One Likes to Believe in the Freedom of Music ~ Dylan

This video was one episode of a T.V. show on CNN called Crossfire. The debate at the time was to discuss the proposed ideas of censorship on albums in music. The argument written down below is on the side of censors, represented here by John Lofton, newspaper journalist.  The argument at the time was spearheaded … Continue reading

Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe)

Over-Analyzing Art Converging on an aesthetics unit, I expected only absurdity from my philosophy class. Of course, beauty is something wonderful to talk about, and works of art are something fascinating to spend your time analyzing. The problem is that I don’t appreciate art, to the extent that people would expect. I made this opinion very … Continue reading

Network Marketing’s Impact on Teenagers

Ethics: http://ezinearticles.com/?Network-Marketing—How-to-Earn-Money-As-a-Teen-in-MLM&id=4238137 In today’s time, people are always trying to find something knew, everybody is bored of doing the same thing each day. The one thing that sets the current generation apart from the last few however is that we now have what’s called network marketing, it’s recently become popular especially among teenagers. The idea … Continue reading

Jennifer: When Can I Grab My Purse?

We live in a world of abundance. From ipods to Purdy’s chocolate to ornamental shrubs, objects that far exceed the basic requirements for life (and for happiness) are commonplace. Meanwhile, fellow citizens in our own backyard and around the world are suffering from preventable diseases, malnutrition, and exposure. This solemn reflection should pull on our … Continue reading

The Ethics of Care

GNA Garcia recommended the inclusion of “Care Ethics” to our readings and other supplements for the Ethics unit. Following from the link she shared on Twitter, the Ethics of Care refers to: The moral theory known as “ the ethics of care” implies that there is moral significance in the fundamental elements of relationships and dependencies in human … Continue reading

Radiolab & other Ethical Supplements

Some Supplemental Reading & Viewing for our Ethics Unit Radiolab | The Good Show “The standard view of evolution is that living things are shaped by cold-hearted competition. And there is no doubt that today’s plants and animals carry the genetic legacy of ancestors who fought fiercely to survive and reproduce. But in this hour, … Continue reading