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Aesthetic experince – Leon

I honestly total for about this assignment until it was mention when we came back. At that moment I was thinking in my head i had no aesthetic experience at all during the winter break. So i was thinking back to all the things i had done during the break and i couldn’t think of … Continue reading

Winter Break Aesthetics – Emily

I’m not sure why, but I often think of snow. I think that my parents think that I’m crazy because they always dream of escaping the cold and traveling to hot exotic places during Christmas break but not me. I long for that perfect moment when the snow falls and covers the world in a … Continue reading

The Art of Silence- Dylan

I sat in my chair, in this little restaurant in downtown Vancouver, listening intently to the music being performed in front of me. I could feel the twenty or so other bodies in the room sitting at tables nearby , all of us within a few meters of the performers. Of all the pieces that … Continue reading

Pretty Flashing Lights- Andrea

This is grey boring powder: These are fun filled colouful exploding candles: One small transformation means a huge difference to people who enjoy the firework spectacle. Many people are attracted by this occurrence and gather in groups to watch. How can millions of people all over the world be mesmerized by explosions? Before I get … Continue reading

Titles are irrelevant

Beauty is often associated with something that can be seen, an image that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but something that triggers the other four senses as well. Most aesthetic experiences can be described as a beautiful, out of the ordinary landscape or piece of art that no photograph or word can accurately describe … Continue reading

The Aesthetic Coup d’État

We as people sometimes find ourselves zoning out and getting caught up in our own thoughts.  Deviating from the opinions some of teachers who may believe that this is due to a lack of focus, I believe this is the epitome of focus instead. When we are distracted from life we seem to be completely … Continue reading

Ayyysthetic Experience

So I found this assignment to be a little strange. I was stumped by the idea of being asked to have an aesthetic experience worth noting. In all honesty, this is not an experience from over the break because nothing beautiful baffled me within that two week window. These paintings attempt to convey some thoughts … Continue reading

Downtown Adventures

My life used to be filled with many interesting stories to tell and adventures that leave everyone breathless, but with age, I have not aged like a fine cheese, I have only gotten a little more stale. Over the break me and a few of my friends decided to go to Gastown and other places … Continue reading

Chilled or Focused? The Human Senses

What is it about having your retinas enriched with such beauty that enslaves and paralyzes us with aesthetically pleasing emotions? Why does this occur to us? Is it inevitable or can we control it? Unfortunately, asking these questions only digs me into a deeper hole, for no where can I find the answers. *                                  *                                * As I was skiing … Continue reading

For You, By You, With You

Driving out of the underground we are welcomed by hues of yellow, orange, pink, and blue against the midnight blue mountains that stand tall in the background, illuminated by the light. Stopping for a second, I watch my first sunrise. As it peaks over the horizon, the colours mentioned previously are seen for what seems … Continue reading