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The Art of Silence- Dylan

I sat in my chair, in this little restaurant in downtown Vancouver, listening intently to the music being performed in front of me. I could feel the twenty or so other bodies in the room sitting at tables nearby , all of us within a few meters of the performers. Of all the pieces that … Continue reading

What Makes a Hero? | An introduction to the work of Joseph Campbell

From Wikipedia, here is an introduction beyond the components of the Monomyth presented in the video: As a strong believer in the psychic unity of mankind and its poetic expression through mythology, Campbell made use of the concept to express the idea that the whole of the human race can be seen as engaged in the effort of making … Continue reading

Selected Readings for Philosophy 12 from SoundEagle for mid 2013

Hello readers, learners and teachers, SoundEagle would like to introduce to all and sundry the following multidisciplinary posts as additional materials for reading, learning and/or discussion. Please note that some of the extended discussions in the commenting sections of the posts are also illuminating. Further comments and discussions are welcome. SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and … Continue reading

Heal the World… with art

Art can be labelled as the appreciation of beauty because to everyone beauty is defined differently whether it’s the way someone looks, the rich taste in food, or even music. An object’s beauty would appear to be a relational, mind-dependent property – a property it possesses in asset of its capacity to affect observers in a certain … Continue reading

Music’s Universal Language: The Art of Sound

Listen to this video as you read through the post. The history of music is beyond the age of books and literature.  Most people would agree that dates back to the beginning of humans and tribes. Music was used during wars to signal raids and also to create peace treaties in the time of the … Continue reading

The Art of Cartography

A map is more than just a way to convey geographical information about the world. A good map, to me, is the ultimate crossroads between truth and beauty – a work of art that simultaneously manages to be explicit in its imparting of wisdom and reality and yet still indicates subtleties much too deep for … Continue reading

Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe)

Over-Analyzing Art Converging on an aesthetics unit, I expected only absurdity from my philosophy class. Of course, beauty is something wonderful to talk about, and works of art are something fascinating to spend your time analyzing. The problem is that I don’t appreciate art, to the extent that people would expect. I made this opinion very … Continue reading

Calling All Dawns – Emily

Video game music is hardly the most prestigious or recognized form of art. Sure, it’s music, but it’s not a very common definition of “art” or “beauty”. Christopher Tin composed the first ever piece of music written for a video game to receive a Grammy – Baba Yetu. Some of you might recognize it from … Continue reading

Saving Art from Itself

Greetings and Happy New Year, Philosophers! I wanted to share a few links and the Conan joke above as a follow-up to our conversation today about the value, purpose and nature of art and beauty. I saw this article recently in Slate Magazine, “Why the Art World is So Loathsome,” and I think it might … Continue reading