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Comment from the Internetz

A comment left on the archive of our Epistemology discussion of Reality, Perception & What can be Known: I think it looks like the quiet students are the ones deep in thought. I was a quiet one back in school and still am. Very well spoken students! Thoughts were so well said and expressed by. I … Continue reading

Ethics Discussion: Privacy, Piracy, State Power, Citizenship & the Ethics of Voting 12.09.13

A grab-bag of discussion topics centering around the ethics of democracy. Background on each of the topics covered provided in original posts collected here: Piracy and Intellectual Property  Privacy, State Secrets & Wikileaks State vs. Citizen Power  The Ethics of Voting 

Ethics Discussion: Eating Pork & Animal Testing 12.05.13

Here is our first ethical discussion, led by Katherine, Jessica, Heather and Kristina on the ethics of eating pork and animal testing. You can find their original posts here on the blog: The Ethics of Animal Testing  Stay Away from the Bacon! 

Rawls’ Theory of Justice, Economics 12 and Enlightenment

In discussing Rawls‘ Theory of Justice this week, you might find the above lectures and discussions on “What makes a fair start?” inspired by the former Harvard philosophy prof: Part 1 – WHAT’S A FAIR START? Rawls argues that even meritocracy—a distributive system that rewards effort—doesn’t go far enough in leveling the playing field because … Continue reading

Epistemology Discussion: Maximum Knowledge 11.05.13

With visual notes provided by Julie and the Livescribe Pen.

Epistemology Discussion: Paradigms 11.04.13

With visual notes provided by Jessica and the Livescribe pen. Enjoy!

Epistemology Discussion: Perception, Reality and What Can Be Known 11.01.13

With visual notes embedded with the audio from the Livescribe Pen here, as well. Thanks to Tom Fullerton for joining us today!

Radiolab & other Ethical Supplements

Some Supplemental Reading & Viewing for our Ethics Unit Radiolab | The Good Show “The standard view of evolution is that living things are shaped by cold-hearted competition. And there is no doubt that today’s plants and animals carry the genetic legacy of ancestors who fought fiercely to survive and reproduce. But in this hour, … Continue reading

Metaphysics & Epistemology at Oxford

I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly introduce you to the wealth of academic materials found in iTunesU. In case you missed it, for the past few years now, Apple and iTunes have been making class content from some of the world’s best universities available for free. As we make our way through dense philosophical … Continue reading

“It was a musical thing and you were supposed to dance…”

I have to thank GNA Garcia for referring me to this brief animation from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, set to the narration of philosopher Alan Watts. It is an interesting thread to connect to some of the conversation in the comments of the Cornell West video post, where Tobey Steeves has … Continue reading