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A Solely Human Aspect of Existence: The Experience of Beauty

Another reading on Aesthetics for those looking into Kant, and the nature of beauty: In the history of thought there is probably no philosophy that has posited the question about man with the intensity, extensiveness and centrality equal to those present in Kant’s philosophy. It is well-known that in his last work, Logik, which appeared as edited … Continue reading

What Makes a Hero? | An introduction to the work of Joseph Campbell

From Wikipedia, here is an introduction beyond the components of the Monomyth presented in the video: As a strong believer in the psychic unity of mankind and its poetic expression through mythology, Campbell made use of the concept to express the idea that the whole of the human race can be seen as engaged in the effort of making … Continue reading

Metaphysics Unit Reflections & Feedback

Having come to the conclusion of our Metaphysics unit in Philosophy 12, I asked the group to respond to several reflection prompts in a Google Form posted on the class site. Some of the questions addressed individual growth and learning related to participants’ chosen philosopher and activities undertaken during the unit; others focused on the actual process of collective … Continue reading

Who contributed positively to your study of Metaphysics?

A few highlights from the Metaphysics unit reflection completed yesterday: Who do you think contributed positively to your group conversations? …because the group was small and we were in a low-pressure environment, all of us were able to comfortably share our ideas to the best of our abilities. We all learned a lot from every … Continue reading

The enemy of my enemy

The Metaphysics unit has brought many hails and storms to my mind, only to find out that this whole week, i have been the prisoner of my own opposition to our group’s theme.  Among our chosen philosopher each with a lavish personality, we came up with the general theme that Overthinking limits our potential results rendering … Continue reading

Phil’s Day Off..

Due to my abnormally long sick leave, my assignment is slightly different than others. However, I will still recap the particular views of my philosopher and my group’s contradiction. Being bedridden for two weeks definitely gives one some time to think, and more than few times I found my mind turning to the discussion my … Continue reading

Aman’s Metaphysics

“The basis of reality is suffering and pleasure which are fundamentally linked so that we may experience pain to gain happiness.” -Aman, Dylan, Aidan What are the contradictions? While it’s quite simple actually, the statement says you have suffering which leads to pleasure, but the contradiction is there no suffering and it leads you to … Continue reading

Perception vs. Reality -Katherine B.

Aquinas supported the idea that faith and philosophy could both be applied harmoniously into one’s life. Faith, or religion, often shapes one’s perception. How one views the world and reasons for which it exists often is dependent on one’s faith. One could believe that life on earth is simply a determining test for if one … Continue reading

Discussable Object Blog Introduction

Use the above prompts to develop your contribution to next week’s Discussable Object.

Generative Themes, Emerging Subjectivity and the Discussable Object

“To investigate the generative theme is to investigate the people’s thinking about reality an people’s action upon reality, which is their praxis. For precisely this reason, the methodology proposed requires that the investigators and the people (who would normally be considered objects of that investigation) should act as co-investigators. The more active an attitude men and … Continue reading