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Notes on Class Activities Wednesday / Thursday

Hey there, I will be away with the TALONS class Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and have left the Philosophy 12 group with a task to be completed for our next meeting on Monday. There will be a TOC in class to manage things, take attendance, and the like; but my hope in sharing … Continue reading

Philosophy Stew – Emily

Philosophy stew can be whatever you want it to be. Here are the suggested ingredients but feel free to substitute some of them to achieve a different philosophical stew. Be warned, philosophy stew takes a long time to cook and once you start it is hard to quit. Ingredients: 4 cups of questions with no … Continue reading

#DS106 Daily Create: What is Philosophy?

With much thanks to Alan Levine and Tim Owens for building the marvelous creativity machine that is Digital Storytelling 106 (#ds106)’s Daily Create, and to Alan for orchestrating my suggested Create to coincide with our class presentations on the same topic, it is a great thing to see the ripple of the question we are asking in … Continue reading

Twitter and “the Hallway”

DS106: An Open, Participatory, Student-centric, Community-focused Course on Digital Storytelling from DML Research Hub on Vimeo. Someone else who bears some responsibility for the course structure of Philosophy 12 is Jim Groom, who along with Tom Woodward, Alan Levine and Martha Burtis have built the educational phenomenon known as Digital Storytelling 106, or #ds106, which … Continue reading

Discussion Synthesis Soundbytes

For those following online, here are the pieces of conversation synthesized by different groups following last week’s reading on Positive / Negative Freedom. Topics covered included political correctness, religion, and the aforementioned freedom: Note: Group six’s share will take place at the beginning of class on Tuesday and be posted shortly thereafter.  

Bertrand Russell’s “Value of Philosophy”

Courtesy of Jeff Longland via Twitter, a supplemental read for our first week: This view of philosophy appears to result, partly from a wrong conception of the ends of life, partly from a wrong conception of the kind of goods which philosophy strives to achieve. Physical science, through the medium of inventions, is useful to … Continue reading

Thoughts on beginning Epistemology

No small part of the #Philosophy12 course design has been based in the framework of social constructivism: according to which all “knowledge is a compilation of human-made constructions”,[16] “not the neutral discovery of an objective truth”.[17] Whereas objectivism is concerned with the “object of our knowledge”, constructivism emphasises “how we construct knowledge”.[18] Constructivism proposes new definitions for knowledge and truth that form … Continue reading

Introducing Philosophy: Presentation and Discussion Notes

Introducing Philosophy: Presentation and Discussion Notes <–Linked here Notes Recorded live with the magic Livescribe pen Unit Headings The Cost of Truth The Aims of Philosophy The Philosopher’s Approach What Philosophers Have Said Language Matters Definitions & Clarity Critical Thinking Why Philosophy Matters Notes by Clayton