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Ethics Unit Feedback & Reflection


Discussion: Multiculturalism, Social Darwinism and the Project of Democracy

Today’s final Ethics Discussion, introduced by Julie, Aman and Emily here: Ethnics: Get Out! 

Ethics Discussion: Privacy, Piracy, State Power, Citizenship & the Ethics of Voting 12.09.13

A grab-bag of discussion topics centering around the ethics of democracy. Background on each of the topics covered provided in original posts collected here: Piracy and Intellectual Property  Privacy, State Secrets & Wikileaks State vs. Citizen Power  The Ethics of Voting 

Ethics Discussion: Euthanasia, Capital Punishment & Safe Injection Sites 12.06.13

Here is the second Ethics discussion from our unit, concerning the questions of Euthanasia, Capital Punishment & Safe Injection Sites. You can read more about each of these topics on their introductory posts: Euthanasia  Safe Injection Sites  Capital Punishment 

Safe injection sites – Ashley & Sophie

At first thought, the idea of a controlled environment for intravenous drug addicts to obtain needles and syringes and get high, may seem completely absurd. It is understandable to think that these safe injection sites are wrong, especially when looked at as a logical syllogism such as: Possessing and using drugs is a crime Criminals … Continue reading

Ethics Discussion: Eating Pork & Animal Testing 12.05.13

Here is our first ethical discussion, led by Katherine, Jessica, Heather and Kristina on the ethics of eating pork and animal testing. You can find their original posts here on the blog: The Ethics of Animal Testing  Stay Away from the Bacon! 

Ethnics: Get Out!

Globalization has left the world approaching a ‘beige’ state. In North America and much of Europe, the concept of racial purity has been eliminated. We embrace the ideals of diversity: multiculturalism, hybridity, pluralism. The concept of a distinct ‘us’ has expanded beyond race, culture, or ethnic background. Our ideals of unity have shifted towards human … Continue reading

Ethics Discussion Schedule & Posts

Above you’ll find our rough schedule for discussions on various ethical topics we plan to address in the coming days. In addition to being able to join our class proceedings via #ds106radio, or Google Hangout (stay tuned to the #Philosophy12 hashtag on Twitter or @bryanjack‘s account to find links to these talks) beginning at approximately … Continue reading


(incomplete) You roll over in bed and blink. Things slowly start to come into focus you see the light from the hall creeping under your door. You sit up and stretch and feel the familiar grumble of your empty stomach. You inhale deeply and sigh. Moments later it hits you. Your eyes widen and nostrils … Continue reading

Power: state vs. people

Questioning the government seems to be somewhat of a common thing amongst the population. We criticize the amount of power that our state has, yet we do nothing to make a change. The idea of having no control in our own society enrages many of us. If this is a fear that we all have, … Continue reading