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Welcome to the blog that will be a forum for our study of Philosophy 12. While the class will meet daily during the fall semester of 2011-2012 (September – January), this incarnation of Philosophy 12 will also function as an Open Online course serving the needs and interests of non-credit participants operating at a distance.

Access the course wiki here

Course Summary

  • Philosophy 12 presents learners with a unique opportunity to participate in a developmental course serving the needs of both face-to-face, for credit learners, as well as open online participants.
  • This conceptual and thematic course will introduce learners to philosophical thought and theory throughout history.
  • Participants will develop their imaginative, critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills through oral and written discussions and presentations. Guided practice in analytical reading and writing of well-argued philosophical prose will help students to articulate, examine, and reflect on their own and others’ ideas.
  • As a university preparatory course, it will be conducted as a seminar that requires a significant amount of reading and research.

You can find the course outline and syllabus here, as well as links to the course blog, an Assignment Proposal sheet, and the instructor’s blog.

Visit this page to register as an open-online participant.



2 thoughts on “About Philosophy 12

  1. Philosophy 12 seems to be an all-round, inclusive course encouraging and fostering various forms of participation, and as such it will always be beneficial to various users, learners and educators, and it also substantiates its values and influences through technology, social media, openness and external validity.

    Posted by SoundEagle | October 20, 2012, 2:25 am


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