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Metaphysics Unit Reflections & Feedback

Having come to the conclusion of our Metaphysics unit in Philosophy 12, I asked the group to respond to several reflection prompts in a Google Form posted on the class site. Some of the questions addressed individual growth and learning related to participants’ chosen philosopher and activities undertaken during the unit; others focused on the actual process of collective … Continue reading

Generative Themes, Emerging Subjectivity and the Discussable Object

“To investigate the generative theme is to investigate the people’s thinking about reality an people’s action upon reality, which is their praxis. For precisely this reason, the methodology proposed requires that the investigators and the people (who would normally be considered objects of that investigation) should act as co-investigators. The more active an attitude men and … Continue reading

Scientific Philosophy Group Headings

This week we will be attempting to respond to the question, Is Science Objective? through a variety of lenses. Read up on the links below to help us in choosing our groups for this course of study. The Objectivity of Science Chris Price Postmodernism Kristina, Daniel & Leanne Philosophy of Deutsch Richard and Greg Thomas Kuhn Daniel Guide … Continue reading

The Syllogisms of Seinfeld

With many of us blogging examples of humour in Logic, this post on the Syllogisms of Seinfeld seemed worthy of sharing here, especially for its examination of examples of logical fallacies being used to specific purpose in comedy: Roles of Essence — The logic or fallacy used serves as the essence of what makes it funny. … Continue reading

Logic Week Blogging Assignments (For-Credit & Open-Online Participants)

Above please find the criteria for this week’s assignments to be blogged here on the #Philosophy12 site. Face-to-Face / For-Credit Participants (that’s you, block two!): Please fulfill the criteria to the best of your ability in the time allotted. If you would like to amend the assignments or riff in an as-yet-undescribed manner, see me during … Continue reading

Notes on Class Activities Wednesday / Thursday

Hey there, I will be away with the TALONS class Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and have left the Philosophy 12 group with a task to be completed for our next meeting on Monday. There will be a TOC in class to manage things, take attendance, and the like; but my hope in sharing … Continue reading

#DS106 Daily Create: What is Philosophy?

With much thanks to Alan Levine and Tim Owens for building the marvelous creativity machine that is Digital Storytelling 106 (#ds106)’s Daily Create, and to Alan for orchestrating my suggested Create to coincide with our class presentations on the same topic, it is a great thing to see the ripple of the question we are asking in … Continue reading

Twitter and “the Hallway”

DS106: An Open, Participatory, Student-centric, Community-focused Course on Digital Storytelling from DML Research Hub on Vimeo. Someone else who bears some responsibility for the course structure of Philosophy 12 is Jim Groom, who along with Tom Woodward, Alan Levine and Martha Burtis have built the educational phenomenon known as Digital Storytelling 106, or #ds106, which … Continue reading

Discussion Synthesis Soundbytes

For those following online, here are the pieces of conversation synthesized by different groups following last week’s reading on Positive / Negative Freedom. Topics covered included political correctness, religion, and the aforementioned freedom: Note: Group six’s share will take place at the beginning of class on Tuesday and be posted shortly thereafter.  

Looking back on Philosophy 12

As we have wrapped up our study of Philosophy 12 for the year (to be continued in September if enough people enroll in the for-credit portion of the course), I wanted to document a few initial elements of the class statistics and participation before the analytics widget goes to sleep and isn’t around to be compared to … Continue reading