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Definitions Truth – actual state of matter – applied to premise (if one premise is false, the conclusion is false.) Validity – correct form – containing premises from which the conclusion may logically be derived. Soundness – Argument/theory is valid – All of its premises are true Example: All men are mortal Socrates is a … Continue reading

Peter Parker Does Not Like People Looking At His Face. Because of Reasons.

Someone concealing their identity is doing it for nefarious reasons. Spiderman conceals his identity Therefore, Spiderman has nefarious reasons. As a syllogism, this is valid: A(someone concealing their identity) is(doing it because of) B(nefarious reasons) C(Spiderman) is A(someone concealing their identity) Therefore, C(Spiderman) is(doing it because of) B(nefarious reasons). However, this syllogism is not true, … Continue reading

Cliche Quotes

Not all that glitters is gold. That is, unless you’re Smash Mouth or a rich lady in a Led Zeppelin song. The aforementioned quote is quite a famous and rather cliche one featured in the likes of Shakespeare’s plays and Chuck Norris jokes, and many things inbetween. At a glance one may say yes, the statement is … Continue reading

Hal Jordan Hates Lemonade

Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on anything coloured yellow. Some standard tennis balls are yellow. Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on some standard tennis balls. In this syllogism, the pattern of A(Hal Jordan’s ring) cannot be(used on) B(anything yellow) Some C(standard tennis balls) are B(yellow) A(Hal Jordan’s ring)  cannot be (used on) C( … Continue reading

Particularly Good Finders

In A Very Potter Musical, (a fan-made musical based on the popular Harry Potter series,) the character Cedric Diggory says that Hufflepuffs (the students of Hogwarts sorted into Hufflepuff house) are particularly good finders (which is to say, good at finding things.) Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders. I am a Hufflepuff. Therefore, I am a … Continue reading

Logic in “The Walking Dead”

Recently I’ve been watching a YouTuber play a game called ‘the walking dead”, an interactive version of the popular TV series. Throughout the series, various characters get bitten and each time the main character (Lee) must decide whether to shoot the infected before they turn or to wait and take the chance. Near where PewDiePie … Continue reading

This Syllogism Took an Arrow to the Knee

In the world of Skyrim, if one takes an arrow to the knee, then they become incapable of adventuring. A guard in Skyrim took an arrow to the knee. Therefore, this guard is no longer capable of adventuring.   This syllogism follows the pattern of a hypothetical syllogism:   If A, then B. A. Therefore, … Continue reading

Broken Dubstep and Criminal Surgeons

All Dubstep makes loud harsh electronic sounds Broken electronics also make loud harsh electronic sounds Therefore broken electronics are Dubstep In this syllogism: “A” (middle term) is Harsh Electronic Sounds “B” (predicate term) is Dubstep “C” (subject term) is “Broken Electronics” In ABC form. This syllogism would be represented like this: All B produce A … Continue reading

Political Proofs

The Conservative Party stands for fiscal responsibility and accountability. The Liberal Party opposes the Conservative Party. Therefore, the Liberal Party opposes fiscal responsibility and accountability. First of all, is this syllogism true? Some would argue that the first premise is incorrect; that is, the Conservative Party does not stand for fiscal responsibility and accountability. While … Continue reading

After Some Revisions… – Kelly

I awoke this morning to an extraordinarily kind comment from Mr. Stephen Downes, who tore my blog post to shreds.  Well, that is slightly dramatic.  He opened my eyes to just how little I actually knew about how to properly write fallacy and syllogism.  So, after some reiteration, explanation, and revision, here is a (hopefully) … Continue reading