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Is Science Objective? – Logicial Positivism – Ashley, Jessica, Sophie

Logical Positivism is an outdated, radical idea that started in the Vienna Circle as far back as the early 1800s. The main view that logical positivists held is that no statement is legitimate or meaningful until it can be proven true or false. In the minds of logical positivists, personal opinions and values only warps science, and it can only be objective through the scientific method. During or class discussion, with the help of a spectrum of ideologies such as instrumentalism and postmodernism, the majority of the class came to the conclusion that science is not objective. This agreement was based on the idea that science is about the process of which we come to a conclusion, rather than the conclusion itself. Logical positivists would disagree with this analogy, as they believe that science is about coming to a proven legitimate conclusion rather than the process.

Nowadays, most people will disagree with the ideas of logical positivists, as we have learned to question the truth and challenge theories that have been deemed “true.” Because of this, logical positivist views are very outdated and very few people agree with them. For example, a logical positivist would say that logic and factual correctness is the key to finding the answer to any problem. Today, however, most people would say that life’s puzzles can be solved by much more than just logic and that we’d be in trouble if we only took proven theories seriously. This old fashioned mindset forces people to lose their peripheral vision and closes many doors for further exploration and progression of science.

The three of us have agreed that in order for progression to be made in the scientific and philosophical world, there must be an equal balance between objective truths that have been proven by the scientific method, and subjective matters that may be open to interpretation and personal opinion that cannot necessarily be able to be proven.

For those who are interested, here is a short youtube clip that further explains Logical Positivism’s history and viewpoints.




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