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For You, By You, With You

Driving out of the underground we are welcomed by hues of yellow, orange, pink, and blue against the midnight blue mountains that stand tall in the background, illuminated by the light. Stopping for a second, I watch my first sunrise. As it peaks over the horizon, the colours mentioned previously are seen for what seems … Continue reading

Ethnics: Get Out!

Globalization has left the world approaching a ‘beige’ state. In North America and much of Europe, the concept of racial purity has been eliminated. We embrace the ideals of diversity: multiculturalism, hybridity, pluralism. The concept of a distinct ‘us’ has expanded beyond race, culture, or ethnic background. Our ideals of unity have shifted towards human … Continue reading

Exquisite Creatures -Aman

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” ― Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata There’s this universal truth that beauty is pleasurable and the one thing we all strive for as humans is pleasure. We wish to feel content and satisfied, we wish to be wowed. Beauty does just that. Through our … Continue reading

Aman 2013/2014

Posts: First Post: Balancing the Freedoms Introduction to Philosophy: What is Philosophy? Logic Post: Why People Do What They Do Metaphysics: God, Christ, and Creatures Epistemology: Exquisite Creatures Ethnics: Ethnics: Get Out! Aesthetics: For You, By You, With You Comments: Balancing the Freedoms by Aman Arthur Schopenhauer by Dylan An Epicurean Philosophy by Aidan If … Continue reading

Aman’s Metaphysics

“The basis of reality is suffering and pleasure which are fundamentally linked so that we may experience pain to gain happiness.” -Aman, Dylan, Aidan What are the contradictions? While it’s quite simple actually, the statement says you have suffering which leads to pleasure, but the contradiction is there no suffering and it leads you to … Continue reading

God, Christ, and Creatures -Aman

“I perceive and bless God for it, that my Lady Conway was my Lady Conway to her last Breath; the greatest Example of Patience and Presence of Mind, in highest Extremities of Pain and Affliction, that we shall easily meet with: Scarce any thing to be found like her since the Primitive times of the … Continue reading

A Ghost’s Report -Aman

Bonjour lecteurs, I’m Jean-François Lyotard’s  ghost. From 1924-1998 I was a great French philosopher, sociologist, and literary theorist. Most people know of me because of my analysis of post-modernism and it’s affects on the human condition. I have taught at many universities and have come up with a theory of my own. In this passage I … Continue reading

Being Sick is Sound -Aman

For my last example I will be talking about something I heard at my swimming lesson today. Basically what happened is that the teacher asked my peer, “Where’s Candace?” (Names have been changed) To which my peer replied: Candace was not feeling well today; Today she was throwing up; Therefore, Candace was sick. Or something … Continue reading

Not a Pity Statement -Aman

On Saturday there was the sound of gunshots at Westgate Mall in Kenya. The authorities are investigating Islamist militants for killing at least 72 people and destroying part of the mall. However, today we will not be talking about the actions of the militants, we will be talking about the actions of an 18-year old … Continue reading

Why People Do What They Do -Aman

On February 26/2012 in Sanford, Florida, George Zimmerman shot at and killed Trayvon Martin while on his neighbourhood watch patrol. Zimmerman claims to have felt something off about Martin and immediately called the police. Instead of staying in his car, he went and followed Martin to supposedly know his location so the police could find … Continue reading