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For You, By You, With You

Driving out of the underground we are welcomed by hues of yellow, orange, pink, and blue against the midnight blue mountains that stand tall in the background, illuminated by the light. Stopping for a second, I watch my first sunrise. As it peaks over the horizon, the colours mentioned previously are seen for what seems … Continue reading

Exquisite Creatures -Aman

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” ― Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata There’s this universal truth that beauty is pleasurable and the one thing we all strive for as humans is pleasure. We wish to feel content and satisfied, we wish to be wowed. Beauty does just that. Through our … Continue reading

In Knowledge We Trust! ~Lazar

http://web.utk.edu/~jhardwig/RoleTrust.pdf “It seems paradoxical that scientific research, in many ways one of the most questioning and skeptical of human activities, should be dependent on human trust.” -Elizabeth Nuefeld Trust is highly controversial to our mind when it comes to ideas we question, yet almost treated as an instinct among the concepts we like and desire. More so, we … Continue reading

Logic humor..

Logic humor.. I know we’re past this unit, but I just found this and giggled so much I had to share. Enjoy 🙂

Baruch Spinoza

Baruch Spinoza was born on November 24th 1632 in Amsterdam. He was the son of a successful merchant. Although his mother tongue was Portuguese, he also knew Hebrew, Spanish, Dutch, French, and later Latin. In 1653, at the age of 20, Spinoza began studying Latin with Frances van den Enden (later known as an atheist … Continue reading

#PhilsDayOff Assignment Description & Open Online Learner Invite

Our encounter with metaphysics this week has neatly lined up with a long weekend provided by both a school-based professional development day, and the Monday holiday of Canadian Thanksgiving, affording our for-credit learners the opportunity to engage in a solo ‘field study’ of sorts. Guided by the questions at the heart of their chosen metaphysician’s … Continue reading

Logic arguments!

Think about the following: #1 Working out makes your muscles sore & painful Pain is a bad thing to experience Therefore working out is bad for you. Obviously although this argument makes sense technically, science has proven that working out is actually good for your body, so it is not factually sound.  #2 A cow … Continue reading

CrossFit Libertarian Logic – Emily

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/09/26/crossfit-openly-exercises-its-libertarian-views/?intcmp=trending CrossFit, the popular fitness regimen questioned the wisdom of military strikes in Syria Some libertarians discuss military strikes in Syria Therefore CrossFit is a libertarian organization This argument has a correct form = X, Y Z, Y X, Z This argument is not factually correct as not all of the statements are true. The … Continue reading

Greenpeace Oil Rig Protest Logic – Emily

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/24/russia-greenpeace-piracy-oil-rig-protest 30 Greenpeace activists were attempting to seize a drilling platform to the north of Russia Vladimir Putin accused them of piracy Therefore, they are pirates In this argument neither the form nor the argument is valid. To begin with the form is not valid because the conclusion is not true. On top of that … Continue reading

What is Philosophy? -Aman

Note this might sound better read out loud.  What is Philosophy? Is it the question, “What is life?” What is life? Is it the birds and the bees? Maybe it’s the sun and the moon The Earth and the stars Maybe it’s the universe working as one Unifying together to create Something, something more What … Continue reading