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Educational Imperatives

Perhaps the defining characteristic of democracy is its supposed commitment the the provision of equality. By their very nature, human societies are rife with inequality and disadvantage, whether by result of personal inadequacy or a simple roll of the dice. Education, at its heart, is thought to be the remedy to this, the ‘grand equalizer’ … Continue reading

The Art of Cartography

A map is more than just a way to convey geographical information about the world. A good map, to me, is the ultimate crossroads between truth and beauty – a work of art that simultaneously manages to be explicit in its imparting of wisdom and reality and yet still indicates subtleties much too deep for … Continue reading

What It All Comes Down To

No matter the issue, every debate over ethical concerns can essentially be boiled down to one, basic question: What is the right thing to do? Of course, that doesn’t really help to find an answer. But what it means is that, before we can ever hope to come to a conclusion and resolve the great … Continue reading

The Original Evil Genius

“Cogito ergo sum” “I think, therefore I am” stands as one of the most well known statements in the history of philosophy, representing, to its creator, the sole truth we can be sure of. In reaching his epoch-breaking conclusion, Descartes followed every path available to try to disprove it. As the one statement that he believed … Continue reading

A Man of Our Time

Ted Honderich is not one of those larger-than-life philosophers we can only read about in books. He is a man of the modern era, born in 1933 in a small Ontario village. Raised by devoutly religious Mennonite and Calvinist parents, the questions of existence – why are we here and what does it mean to be here? … Continue reading

Anarchistic Epistemology – The Fallacies of Science. Liam, Clayton, Keagan

Imagine, if you will, an institution that claims to hold the key to all knowledge. No true understanding can come from anywhere else – everything we know now, and everything we ever will know, can only be discovered under its tutelage. More than that, this institution labels those who disagree with it fools, and heretics … Continue reading

Reductio ad Hitlerum

You know who loved painting? Hitler. Hitler was a painter. Are you sure you want to be a painter? Hitler supported gun control. Gun control and the long-gun registry are evil! (thanks to Conservative MP Larry Miller for that one) Hitler loved the military – anyone who supports a big military is just like Hitler. … Continue reading

Political Proofs

The Conservative Party stands for fiscal responsibility and accountability. The Liberal Party opposes the Conservative Party. Therefore, the Liberal Party opposes fiscal responsibility and accountability. First of all, is this syllogism true? Some would argue that the first premise is incorrect; that is, the Conservative Party does not stand for fiscal responsibility and accountability. While … Continue reading

Is the Good Book Good?

  Tim Minchin’s amusing song about The Good Book pokes fun at religion in this song – and without getting into the whole religion debate, it’s worth examining the logic used and its role in providing humour to the song. Without further ado: I know the Good Book’s good because the Good Book says it’s … Continue reading

Nature? What Nature?

It is one of the oldest questions: What is the nature of man? Is he by nature good and reasonable, as argued by Butler? Or is he instead evil and selfish, fulfilling Hobbes’ description of life as nasty, brutish, and short? And if the latter is true, is man still redeemable, either by reason or … Continue reading