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In Knowledge We Trust! ~Lazar

http://web.utk.edu/~jhardwig/RoleTrust.pdf “It seems paradoxical that scientific research, in many ways one of the most questioning and skeptical of human activities, should be dependent on human trust.” -Elizabeth Nuefeld Trust is highly controversial to our mind when it comes to ideas we question, yet almost treated as an instinct among the concepts we like and desire. More so, we … Continue reading

Epistemology Discussion: History of Knowledge 11.06.13

With pencast notes provided by Julie and the Livescribe pen.

Epistemology Discussion: Maximum Knowledge 11.05.13

With visual notes provided by Julie and the Livescribe Pen.

Epistemology Discussion: Perception, Reality and What Can Be Known 11.01.13

With visual notes embedded with the audio from the Livescribe Pen here, as well. Thanks to Tom Fullerton for joining us today!

Connective Knowledge and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Today I read a very interesting blog post about knowledge. It was by Stephen Downes on the different types of Knowledge and Connective Knowledge. This introduced a fifth kind of knowledge based on a network of connections. Connective Knowledge involves learning about networks and learning from networks and connections. In the post Stephen mentions that … Continue reading

Metaphysics Reflection / Epistemology Unit Planning Notes

With thanks to Julie for the notes, above are the representative themes, questions, and wishes for our upcoming study of Epistemology. The class discussion reflected on elements of the Metaphysics unit content, and delivery methods, to propose improved engagement in the class’ future studies.

Epistemology Intro Reading

For Monday, please read the two posts linked below, both from Jonathan Toews’ work last year: Individual Development of Knowledge The development of one’s own epistemological statement requires a basis of knowledge in the subject (ironically enough). In reading a booklet provided to us, everything seemed to overlap. Each subject, each idea seemed to reach … Continue reading

Scientific Philosophy Round Up

I thought it might be helpful to round up the Scientific Philosophy posts here so that we might be able to more easily delve into their contents in the future. Heather & Andrea’s Instrumentalism Prezi Logical Positivism is an outdated, radical idea that started in the Vienna Circle as far back as the early 1800s. The main view … Continue reading

I Know That I Don’t Know…I Think (Emily)

I confess, I am feeling slightly daunted by everyone’s posts. Everyone has these huge long posts about what they believe or know or drew in class. As for me, I’m not usually very good at thinking on the spot. So, I’m normally not too involved in heated class discussions. I usually let stuff bounce around … Continue reading

Believing in Knowledge

Throughout this week, we have been discussing epistemology, touching on various branches of this topic, focusing often on the progression of opinion, belief, and knowledge. A brief, but somewhat broad definition of the three terms according to our Philosophy textbook and what we used in our discussions: Opinion- Statement that cannot be proven true or … Continue reading