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Emily 2013


Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry –  Negative Freedom?

Philosophy Stew

Logic and Scientific Philosophy – Basic Concepts of Logic – Preliminary Definition Prezi

Greenpeace Oil Rig Protest Logic

CrossFit Liberatarian Logic

Obama Critisized by Fox News Logic

Martin Heidegger and his Effects on Postmodernism

Metaphysics – Baruch Spinoza

Perception, Reality, and The Matrix?

Epistemology – Concious and Unconcious Knowledge

Ethics – Ethnics: Get Out! (with Aman and Julie)

Aesthetics – Winter Break Aesthetics


Logic and Scientific Philosophy – Potato Logic – Imtiaz

Unarguable Logic – Katherine

One Likes to Believe in the Freedom of Music – Dylan

Metaphysics – Henri Bergson – Ashley

Thomas Aquinus – Katherine



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