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What is Philosophy Final

Here is my recording of what I enjoyed in philosophy and my final thoughts on the class!

Tyler 2013

Howdy do Philosophers, I am a student in Talons Philosophy 12. I’m here to introduce the work that I’m most proud of during my course at Philosophy 2013. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 Posts: What is Philosophy- Wisdom Syllogism- Curiosity Killed Curtis, Superman is Superwoman, Stupid? or Smart? Metaphysics- Aristotle, Van Orman Quine Ethics- Capital … Continue reading

Leon 2013/2014

Posts: What is Philosophy? – Leon Monty Python and the Holy Grail Logic – Leon If a tree falls in a forest logic – Leon Van Orman Quine – Leon, Tyler, Imtiaz Martin Heidegger – Leon Plato’s Afterlife and Parallel Universes – Leon Capital Punishment – Tyler & Leon Aesthetic Experince – Leon

Best works/Posts -imtiaz

https://talonsphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/simulated-reality-imtiaz/ https://talonsphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/perception-creates-ones-reality-imtiaz/ https://talonsphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/wiki-leaks-vs-the-government-vs-ethics-imtiaz-and-julian/ https://talonsphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/van-orman-quineleon-tyler-imtiaz/ https://talonsphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/happiness-logic-imtiaz/

Aidan 2013-2014

Let’s take a look at this semester’s highlight reel: Metaphysics What is Philosophy Aesthetics Epistemology Ethics

Aesthetic Emotions

The word “aesthetics” means something different for everyone. There are many things that everyone may find aesthetically pleasing, such as the taste of your favorite food or the way you look after getting all dressed up. However, there are also many differences. Something I find personally find pretty “beautiful,” if you will, is the feeling … Continue reading

Muy Aesthetico

To someone who often mistook “aesthetics” for “anaesthetic,” the aesthetic experience stood foreign for a very long time. After a brief introduction, I have currently concluded its criteria for a quality experience as: a) Vivid – an absolute, potent sensation which leaves you hapless or euphoric b) Distance – contrary to traditional conventions, one should … Continue reading

The power of aesthetic experiences – Tyler

It was on three days before winter break when I had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted. Beside the pain, it was the fact that I couldn’t eat anything solid that really demoralized me. During the healing process, I had one of the most amazing aesthetic experiences in my own house. I live in the … Continue reading

phil’s week off -imtiaz

Family, Duty, Honor                                                                              Imtiaz Philosophy’s week off                      A picture is says more than a thousand words; a common saying that has been reused way too much to describe great works of art and curiously revolutionized the world of art and aesthetics in general.  During my winter break my family came together from all over the … Continue reading