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Julie 2013

About Me:

My name is Julie; I am a Talons Philosophy 12 student. Likes include Woody Allen, BBC documentaries, and swordplay. Dislikes include sticky things, bad grammar, and dairy. Hope you enjoy my works this year in philosophy 12. Come converse philosophy!


Introduction to Philosophical InquiryNegative Freedom is Not a Colon

LogicWhat Would Socrates Say?,  I’m Hilarious, The Late Mother

Scientific PhilosophyA Post Modern Outlook on Scientific Philosophy

MetaphysicsLudwig Wittgenstein , Phil’s Day Off

Epistemology – Airplanes, Sex and the City, Salinger, Butter Substitute, Titanic, Woody Allen, Hemingway, Gatsby – Julie

Ethics – Ethnics: Get Out

Aesthetics – Muy Aesthetico



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