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The Quotation Fallacy “💬”

Originally posted on SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ:
SoundEagle in the Court of Quotation ? SoundEagle in 疾風知勁草 Dear Readers and Followers as well as Lovers and Collectors of Fine Quotes, Presented here in style is a collection of potentially inspirational and thought-provoking quotes, chosen for you by SoundEagle. Many of these quotes have reached us in the present…

What is philosophy – Wisdom

What is Philosophy? Before we answer this question, let’s look into the word “philosophy” in depth. The word “philosophy” was founded directly from the Latin word “philosophia“. The word philosophia came from two words “Philo” and “Sophia“. Philo- means ‘loving’, while Sophia is a reference to the Goddess of wisdom. The combination of these two words … Continue reading

Jessica’s Philosophy song

Lyrics: What does mean philosophy to me To be completely honest i have no clue Is it a kind of pasta dish? Is it rare breed of fish? I have no clue Some people say its the love of wisdom or the study of knowledge thinking of the way things work A set of morals … Continue reading

What is Philosophy? -Aman

Note this might sound better read out loud.  What is Philosophy? Is it the question, “What is life?” What is life? Is it the birds and the bees? Maybe it’s the sun and the moon The Earth and the stars Maybe it’s the universe working as one Unifying together to create Something, something more What … Continue reading

What is philosophy?: My experience trying to answer this question

Part one: the initial responseWhen first faced with this question, my immediate response as a 16 year old was” I don’t know, I’m not a philosopher”To be completely honest, it’s not something I’ve ever given much thought too. When I think of Philosophy, I think of an old man with a masters sitting in a … Continue reading

Q: What is Philosophy? jade

When questioned on what something means, a person could easily turn to a formal Webster’s definition. But I believe that everything in life has more than a surface-scraped meaning; philosophy especially. I think of philosophy as the core of all existence, because when you take a closer look at something, you can dissect it with … Continue reading

Philosophy Stew – Emily

Philosophy stew can be whatever you want it to be. Here are the suggested ingredients but feel free to substitute some of them to achieve a different philosophical stew. Be warned, philosophy stew takes a long time to cook and once you start it is hard to quit. Ingredients: 4 cups of questions with no … Continue reading

Plato’s Cave

You might enjoy Plato’s Cave as an animated introduction to the journey of Philosophical Inquiry we are engaged in these days. Many of us are familiar with the basic tenants of the allegory – that we know not what we are looking upon, that all is merely shadows on the wall of the cave – but what … Continue reading

#DS106 Daily Create: What is Philosophy?

With much thanks to Alan Levine and Tim Owens for building the marvelous creativity machine that is Digital Storytelling 106 (#ds106)’s Daily Create, and to Alan for orchestrating my suggested Create to coincide with our class presentations on the same topic, it is a great thing to see the ripple of the question we are asking in … Continue reading

What is Philosophy?- Dylan

Answering the question, what is philosophy, is just as baffling as the very topics that are contained within it. The way I see it, philosophy is a subject that engulfs many different topics and ideas. And since philosophy is such a varied and interesting topic, it takes a lot to try and define it at … Continue reading