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Ethical Board Notes 12.02.13


Discussable Object Blog Introduction

Use the above prompts to develop your contribution to next week’s Discussable Object.

Scientific Philosophy Round Up

I thought it might be helpful to round up the Scientific Philosophy posts here so that we might be able to more easily delve into their contents in the future. Heather & Andrea’s Instrumentalism Prezi Logical Positivism is an outdated, radical idea that started in the Vienna Circle as far back as the early 1800s. The main view … Continue reading

What is Metaphysics?

Read the following post, and the attached comments posted on the blog Talking Philosophy for class Tuesday: “What is metaphysics? In the Western tradition, metaphysics concerns the nature and description of an Ultimate Reality that stands behind the world of appearances. One dominant strand holds that we can somehow come to know a world that exists undetected … Continue reading

Ethics Blogging Assignment and Readings

Having crested the mid-point of the semester’s study of Philosophy 12, the face to face participants in the course have taken a brief respite from the class blog and focused on classroom-based activities and assignments. As a synthesis of collaborative learning and knowledge-construction, two weeks ago the group delivered an hourlong, four-part lecture on Epistemology. … Continue reading

Introduction to Logic Blogging Assignments

Blogging Assignment for Logic Chapters For credit participants: Submit three different responses to the posts outlined below on the class blog. Open-online participants: Evaluate examples provided for Truth, Soundness, Validity and Reliability, comment, post examples of your own. Or lurk. That’s cool, too. Syllogism Create an original syllogism and identify its middle term, predicate term, and subject … Continue reading

Sticky Posts for the Week of September 24th – 28th

It’s been a busy week shaping up on the Philosophy 12 course blog, with comments and posts covering topics from morality to education, literature and the existence of good and evil. Threads of conversation and comments leading off in countless directions. Upon some conversation in class and reference to some of the blogs analytic – … Continue reading