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High Altitude to be Blamed – Presidential Debate

“During a post-debate analysis on Current TV, Gore went out on a limb and questioned if Denver’s environment had something to do with the president’s flop. ‘I’m going to say something controversial here,” Gore started, “Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate … Continue reading

Bedtime Syllogism

All beds are for people to sleep on. A riverbed is a bed. Therefore a riverbed is for people to sleep on. The conclusion of this syllogism is valid, as it follows the presented premises. However, this argument is not true, due to the untrue premises. As a result, this argument is not sound. A: … Continue reading

Jonathan Toews, a Famous Hockey Player

Someone named Jonathan Toews is a famous hockey player I am someone named Jonathan Toews Therefore, I am a famous hockey player   This syllogism is both categorically invalid as well as not sound. Even though both premises are true, the two premises are particular propositions and do not relate to each other in a … Continue reading

Which way out of the cave? “What cave?” – Derek W.

Over the past few days in our classroom, there have been things going on that I feel don’t happen very often at our school. We’ve just gotten into Philosophy and the basics of it and the tip of the iceberg has already astonished me. I feel as though I have never thought before. However, through … Continue reading