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Ethics Unit Feedback & Reflection


Metaphysics Reflection / Epistemology Unit Planning Notes

With thanks to Julie for the notes, above are the representative themes, questions, and wishes for our upcoming study of Epistemology. The class discussion reflected on elements of the Metaphysics unit content, and delivery methods, to propose improved engagement in the class’ future studies.

Who contributed positively to your study of Metaphysics?

A few highlights from the Metaphysics unit reflection completed yesterday: Who do you think contributed positively to your group conversations? …because the group was small and we were in a low-pressure environment, all of us were able to comfortably share our ideas to the best of our abilities. We all learned a lot from every … Continue reading

Looking back on Philosophy 12

As we have wrapped up our study of¬†Philosophy 12¬†for the year (to be continued in September if enough people enroll in the for-credit portion of the course), I wanted to document a few initial elements of the class statistics and participation before the analytics widget goes to sleep and isn’t around to be compared to … Continue reading