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Good and Right- Zoe and Keagan

Who decides what is right in society? There is the good, and there is the right. What is good is what we find to hold value in and of itself, the things that have an intrinsic value. It would be good not kill people. The good however is not always a shared concept, people don’t … Continue reading

Zoe- One Trilogy to Rule Them All

Lord of the Rings is a trilogy of books written by J.R. Tolkien. Equipped with its own author constructed language, nearly a small novel’s worth of appendices, and roughly 561792 words of story, it is considered to be one of the stories that defined high fantasy as a genre, and sets the bar in terms … Continue reading

Ibn Tufayl: There is Truth, You’re Just Not Enlightened Enough To See It. —Zoe

Ibn Tufayl lived a very full life, I’m sure, but the historically significant thing he did was write a book. It was called Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, or The Living Son of the Vigilant. It is the first known philosophical novel. And it went something like this: Boy is isolated on island, with no ideas or … Continue reading

Peter Parker Does Not Like People Looking At His Face. Because of Reasons.

Someone concealing their identity is doing it for nefarious reasons. Spiderman conceals his identity Therefore, Spiderman has nefarious reasons. As a syllogism, this is valid: A(someone concealing their identity) is(doing it because of) B(nefarious reasons) C(Spiderman) is A(someone concealing their identity) Therefore, C(Spiderman) is(doing it because of) B(nefarious reasons). However, this syllogism is not true, … Continue reading

Hal Jordan Hates Lemonade

Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on anything coloured yellow. Some standard tennis balls are yellow. Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on some standard tennis balls. In this syllogism, the pattern of A(Hal Jordan’s ring) cannot be(used on) B(anything yellow) Some C(standard tennis balls) are B(yellow) A(Hal Jordan’s ring)  cannot be (used on) C( … Continue reading

Zoe: Batman is On the Internet

Recently, a man named Stephen Downes has been leaving comments on this classes blog. After some thinking, I made a discovery. All men who patrol their territory under his own power and initiative, strike fear into the heart of wrong doers in the dead of night, and does these things with only the tools and … Continue reading

Zoe: Story part 4 of 4

Patrick Greyson. Graduated top of his business class from Standford, a mathematics whiz, up and coming star of the corporate world. I had to make a very weighted offer in order to out compete. It’s costing me quite a lot just to have him in this conference room, although the eventual consequences will make it … Continue reading

Zoe: There’s an infinitely small teapot out there somewhere, but honestly I prefer my own.

Say I spent the first 14 years of my life without the proper glasses. I could see just well enough to read if I squinted, but things were fuzzy. I sat at the front of the room. It was, however, all I knew. One day, I get my eyes tested. A day later, I wear … Continue reading

Zoe: What is philosophy? (Why are Keanu Reeves and terrible public transit involved?)

Alright. The written version of my speech looked very little like what I ended up presenting to the class, and I foolishly forgot to record that. So, instead, you get a sort of condensed version of my speech, based on what I remember. Point, the first: Point, the second: Humanity was actually in a big … Continue reading