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Toren Does His Own Thing and Then Remembers the Assignment

(Please note that while I always refer to visual art, all of what I’m saying could apply to any medium.) It seems a little ironic that we find no definition for art and no way to decide its value, yet we are assigned to find art and determine its value. Also we’re to find “real” … Continue reading

Toren hates on everything.

To make up for my early post last unit, this time I inadvertently forgot about it until the evening before the deadline. I believe there are fundamental problems in the way businesses work. They seem to operate on a more complicated ruling of “might makes right” in which one groups wealth takes precedence over the … Continue reading

Toren Casually Solving Epistemology

I do not easily fit into the main muppet demographics. I have zero attention to detail, and yet when I’m forming my arguments they usually become almost mathematical logical statements. Hopefully my rationality pulls through and the below is not me making a fool of myself. I had previously thought the definition of “know” was … Continue reading

Epicurus was a Smart Dead Greek Dude

Epicurus was taught philosophy at various schools since he was a young boy and always showed great interest. He was a philosopher from the start. Epicurus was an atomist, and his teachings had the same fundamentals as Democritus, who he had studied under previously. He believed that the universe is made of tiny pieces of matter … Continue reading

The Instrumentalist View – Toren, Megan, Derek

The Instrumentalists believe fundamentally, that there is no objective truth we can reach. Nothing can be proved true or false and so a black and white answer is unreachable. Since a theory can’t be judged upon its inherent truth, Instrumentalists believe that value of a theory can be judged on how well it explains the … Continue reading

Allllll Afternoon.

At any time I am either busy, procrastinating, or working on my my homework. All afternoon I was not busy. All afternoon I was not working on my homework. Therefore all afternoon I was procrastinating.   This is a sound syllogism, being both true and valid. Its also disjunctive, following the format of A is B, … Continue reading


Everyone loves Marineland. Richard is part of “everyone” Therefore Richard loves Marineland   Of course Marineland is lying to our faces and Richard doesn’t like it at all. Everyone(A) loves Marineland(B) Richard(C) is part of “everyone”(A) Therefore Richard(C) loves Marineland(B). All A are B C is A Therefore C is B   Actually I think … Continue reading

Just have to say this. Altruism is a silly idea.

I know we’re out of this unit, but its been bugging me a little. There is no altruism. It doesn’t even make sense on the most basic level. Egoism is by definition doing an act in self interest. Where confusion starts is when an act of good is committed without obvious personal gain, we call … Continue reading

Toren rambles for awhile before realizing he doesn’t know anything.

I’m just going to dismiss the idea of philosophy ever reaching an absolute truth of any kind, because for any idea to have that kind of trust there needs to be no possible alternative. Philosophy is like a battleground for contrasting ideas, and it specializes in the ones that can’t be proven. A truth can’t … Continue reading