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What role does human nature play in the effctiveness of groups? – Kelly and Nick

Let’s start off with a bit of logic. (Premise 1.1)When humans come together and form groups, they are able to mutually benefit each other. (Premise 1.2) When more people work towards something, more can be accomplished (Conclusion 1) The more people in a group, the more each member is able to benefit from the others … Continue reading

Iron Arranged in a Very Pretty Pattern

Ah Paris, the city d’amour and a cultural and historical capital of the world. But what makes this city so great? What is so attached to Parisian identity that the two have become virtually inseparable? Why one of the world’s greatest landmarks of course, The Eiffel Tower! If you just asked yourself what a metal structure is … Continue reading

Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means?

I was originally going to do a post on war, and whether or not it can be justified. Then I read a (rather long) article about “Rethinking the ‘Just War’ ” and discovered that it had absolutely nothing to do with saying whether or not a war can be justified, only on how a war should be justified and how this fits … Continue reading

Syllogisms, Evil Clowns and Epistemology – Nicholas

I’m hoping to make this post a little like my earlier one where I made a series of syllogisms. Hopefully this will let me create some sort of substantial definition of knowledge while explaining some of the obvious premises of it. Here goes. (Premise 1.1) We think nothing but our thoughts – this should be self explanatory … Continue reading

Metaphysical Mind Melting – Nicholas

Georg Hegel was a 18th-19th century German philosopher. He was a bit of a permastudent, having started school at age three and, once graduated serving as a tutor to a wealthy family, and then as a professor at a university. He made a few friendships along the way with other philosophical types and these people, as well … Continue reading

I Think I’d do Well as a Part Time Pessimist

I saw this poster the other day. Which, when broken down becomes T->W->A->H->C->D. This poster tries to assert the logic that your thoughts will become your destiny (T->D). Obviously this is not true because I thought about pancakes just now and it is Russell’s teapot crazy to assume my destiny will be a pancake. This motivational poster (and … Continue reading

A Slew of Syllogisms

Since a simple syllogism seems a little bit too easy, I have decided to do a multi layered one, because like cakes, the more layers the better. Also, if you’re not a ‘math person’ you may want to skip this post, it may be confusing. Note, xor denotes one thing, or the other but not … Continue reading

(Logically) This Jesus Must Die

A few of you may recognize the following video from the 1973 movie/musical “Jesus Christ Superstar“. The movie is about the relationship between Judas and Jesus in the last few weeks before Jesus’ crucifixion.  The song in particular talks about the Jewish high priest’s debate with the other priests about how to best deal with Jesus. … Continue reading

Nicholas: Philosophy with Physicists

Something that I found deeply intriguing during our discussion about Plato’s Cave was the difference between True Belief and knowledge, something that came up in this video. The class bounced the idea around for a couple of minutes, but then moved on to other things. I however, was really hooked on the idea and at … Continue reading

Nicholas: The Three not-yet-wise Men

Imagine it’s late December 2004, just after Christmas and 3 men come home after a tiring day of boxing day shopping to sit down on the couch, relax, and watch the news. As they settle down, they watch in horror as the terrible news of the tsunami in Southeast Asia is relayed to them. The … Continue reading