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Jennifer: The Unescapable Beauty of Pointe

Wearing a pair of reinforced satin slippers, with a bit of padding stuffed into the toes, Marie Taglioni walks onto the stage of the Paris Opera. Then, to the amazement of her audience, she rises – and continues to make history by dancing on the tips of toes throughout the show. Nowadays, professional ballet dancers … Continue reading

Jennifer: When Can I Grab My Purse?

We live in a world of abundance. From ipods to Purdy’s chocolate to ornamental shrubs, objects that far exceed the basic requirements for life (and for happiness) are commonplace. Meanwhile, fellow citizens in our own backyard and around the world are suffering from preventable diseases, malnutrition, and exposure. This solemn reflection should pull on our … Continue reading

Jennifer: Santa is Not Real

I know that Santa is not real. The rose-coloured glasses of childhood have lifted, and the days of eagerly awaiting a bearded man bringing bring bright, shiny packages from the North Pole are gone. I still love the beauty of Christmas, the joy and goodwill that mixes with the scents of pine and gingerbread in … Continue reading

Jennifer: Tell Your Own Story

Life enters our eyes and then reality blurs. The world around us, even the emotions that flood our brains, ¬†are subject to our interpretation, to our imagination. They distort as we evaluate them, as we work through our experiences. The metaphysicist Paul Ricoeur focused on this theory, among connected others, revealing his expertise in the … Continue reading

Jennifer: Pretty People

Imagine a future world in which everyone undergoes an operation at 16 to become “pretty” and thereby be granted the “good life.” This disturbing society is detailed in the well-known series Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, which delves into the possible repercussions of an appearance-based outlook. To truly understand how the characters in the novel decided … Continue reading

Jennifer: Ahmadinejad and his Multifaceted Fallacy

According to BBC News, the Iranian rial has dropped 80% in the past year, devastating the country’s economy. Surprise! This downturn is occurring synonymously with unrelenting sanctions from much of the global community, aiming to halt Iran’s suspicious nuclear program. The USA has been the frontrunner in the fight, with efforts under the Obama administration¬†amped … Continue reading

Jennifer: Disjunctive Syllogism: Touchception

Either the Green Bay Packers or the Seattle Seahawks won the Monday night game. The Green Bay Packers did not win the Monday night game. Therefore, the Seattle Seahawks won the Monday night game. This example of a disjunctive syllogism, which expresses a choice, presents a technically true statement and follows the proper form, making … Continue reading

Jennifer: Part 1 of 4

“Mr. Black, excuse me?” I snap out of my trance for a moment to watch the lawyer slide the final documents across the table towards me with hesitant, wary eyes. Maybe it’s due to the fact that my knuckles are white from how hard I’m gripping the table, and that my eyes are burning a … Continue reading

Jennifer A: I Cry When I Do Math (and English, and Physics…)

I often cry when I do math. No, seriously. One second the problems seem straightforward and clear and I know exactly which formulas to use. The next, I’m faced with a jumble of numbers which present to me no way out of their trap. I feel inadequate. Slow. Dumb. And I can’t control my tears. … Continue reading

Jennifer: In My Opinion Spoken Word Poem