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Power: state vs. people

Questioning the government seems to be somewhat of a common thing amongst the population. We criticize the amount of power that our state has, yet we do nothing to make a change. The idea of having no control in our own society enrages many of us. If this is a fear that we all have, … Continue reading

Truth in the eyes of an FLDS follower

growing up as a child in the FLDS ( fundamentalist Latter Day Saint) is a very different experience from what the average American child grows up with. The FLDS child will learn to worship a man named Warren Jeffs , a self proclaimed prophet.Warren Jeffs has control of everyone and everything. He holds the power … Continue reading

Phil’s day off object to discuss

I’m not exactly sure where to start, so I will begin by describing my Phil’s day off adventure. When I had my experience, it wasn’t planned, at all. I wasn’t even thinking about the assignment, and I think that is what allowed me to have the experience that I did. Last weekend, my good friend … Continue reading

Terence Mckenna: philosophy’s free spirit

Terence was born on November 16th 1946 in Colorado. He was an American lecturer and writer who dabbled in a variety of subjects, including metaphysics. He was a supporter of the use of hallucinogenic drugs as a tool to open up concours ness and explore different dimensions. He mainly focused on magic mushrooms, but also … Continue reading

The logic in buying Starbucks everyday

This is a little more personal, but I I thought I would look at my own logic when it comes to spending money at Starbucks almost everyday. When I think about all that money, it seems very rediculous, but at the time, it makes sense that I purchase yet another latte. Here is what I … Continue reading

Bowling for columbine: the logic

The NRA promotes gun use The columbine shooters used guns The NRA promoted Columbine This argument is a well formed and factually correct argument in my opinion. The premises are true, and the conclusion is true to the premise. It sounds very drastic, but the fact that the NRA held a gun rally directly after … Continue reading

the logic of ancient aliens

Ancient cultures worship gods that came from the sky Aliens come from the sky Ancient cultures worshipped aliens Many of us have watched ancient aliens, and many of us have thought “oh my god this makes so much sense!” The form of this argument is valid, because the conclusion is consistent with the premises, and … Continue reading

What is philosophy?: My experience trying to answer this question

Part one: the initial responseWhen first faced with this question, my immediate response as a 16 year old was” I don’t know, I’m not a philosopher”To be completely honest, it’s not something I’ve ever given much thought too. When I think of Philosophy, I think of an old man with a masters sitting in a … Continue reading