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Law, Ethics, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Kelly

My father’s old friend is a law professor and has taught, studied, edited, and written books on ethics.  After reading the ethics blogs, this is what he replied with: Many apologies for not responding sooner to the issues you raised in respect of your daughter’s studies re law and ethics and the Charter. I have … Continue reading

The Beauty of a Classic – Kelly

Why do we repeat things which we have previously done? We like the feelings which it elicits and we want to relive those feelings. This almost defies practicality.  Why would we want to reread the same book, watch again the same film, look again at the same piece of art, listen again to the same … Continue reading

How Can We Define Family – Kelly

parent (noun) – a father or a mother mother (noun – a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth father (noun) – a man in relation to his natural child or children child (noun) – a young human being below the age of full physical development or below … Continue reading

The Meeting Point of Experience and Universal Truths – Kelly

Epistemology, like metaphysics, is deeply rooted in all aspects of philosophy.  How can we look at ethics, what we know to be right or wrong, or aesthetics, what we know to be attractive, without studying epistemology, what we know about what we know?  The introductory chapter of our textbook is even called ‘An Introduction to … Continue reading

Representationalism and the Personal, Unique World – Kelly

Arthur Schopenhauer was a nineteenth century German philosopher and metaphysician.  His father gave him a choice as a young man: become a businessman with my financial support, or pursue philosophy, get cut off from the family fortune, and ultimately be impoverished.  Ultimately, he chose business, but returned to philosophy when his father passed away.  Schopenhauer … Continue reading

Van Ormine Quine – Kelly, Emily, Zoe

It’s hard to find an exact definition for any word. Every person has a slightly different meaning for a word. Quine had this as the basis for his belief about the objectivity of science. If you can’t define a word exactly, how can you use it in a definition for something else, or a scientific … Continue reading

Vancouver: Sunny and Beautiful – Kelly

My parent’s best friends from when they were young are visiting us this weekend.  They live in London, Ontario.  After arriving on Thursday night, my father and his friend, Terry, picked me up from dance.  On the way home, Terry commented on how beautiful the weather was, saying “You are so lucky.  The weather here … Continue reading

After Some Revisions… – Kelly

I awoke this morning to an extraordinarily kind comment from Mr. Stephen Downes, who tore my blog post to shreds.  Well, that is slightly dramatic.  He opened my eyes to just how little I actually knew about how to properly write fallacy and syllogism.  So, after some reiteration, explanation, and revision, here is a (hopefully) … Continue reading

The Fallacy and Syllogism of Bryants – Kelly

Someone named Bryant is in Africa. I am Kelly Bryant. Therefore, I am in Africa. While the first two premises are true, this argument is clearly false. (A) being Bryant, my surname, (B) being Africa, and (C) being myself, (A) is in (B), and (C) is a (A), so (C) must be in (B). Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Class Presentations Wrap-Up – Kelly

I set out to create my own project, but ended up building some sort of synthesis resource for the class. Over the past few weeks, Philosophy 12 has been presenting their group assignments on ‘An Introduction to Human Thought.’  This generally included a brief touching on some, or all, of the major philosophy controversies, including … Continue reading