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Epistemology Inquiry – Jade

Knowledge is defined as facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Although knowledge is stated as a positive input, increasing knowledge must be taken in at moderate speed and mass for the human mind to healthily compute it. As paradoxical as it may seem, I … Continue reading

Anarchistic Epistemology – Jade

Epistemological Anarchism was adapted by Austrian philosopher Paul Karl Feyerabend.  The theory essentially said that we cannot allow the structure of science to constrict us from coming to newfound grounds of answers and realization. The fixed universal rules of science will only harm and/or prevent the scientist from coming to conclusion in an unrealistic way. As … Continue reading

Russell’s Mirror #PhilsDayOff

Bertrand Russell was a great encourager of free-will, and individuality. My conclusion of Phil’s day off was that as our society has developed, we’ve come to better terms with more customizable lifestyles. Opposed to living life to aim for a supposedly “acceptable” career and lifestyle, people are now living more for themselves and to their … Continue reading

Russell’s Day Off

In reading Bertrand Russell’s pieces of writing, and listening to him speak out to the public on his self-discoveries, I’ve found him to be a very honest man. I admire his ability to remove any sort of biassed opinions, and to stay true to the base of what everything comes down to. Although he expresses … Continue reading

Seinfeld Logic – jade

If it is something I believe, than to me it is true If it is true, than it’s not a lie Therefore, it’s not a lie if I believe it Syllogistic Logic by George Costanza of Seinfeld Costanza’s character regularly exclaims that his life is a lie. In a later episode, he reasons with Jerry … Continue reading

Syllogistic Logic

Syllogistic Logic prezi presentation on the explanation of syllogistic logic

Q: What is Philosophy? jade

When questioned on what something means, a person could easily turn to a formal Webster’s definition. But I believe that everything in life has more than a surface-scraped meaning; philosophy especially. I think of philosophy as the core of all existence, because when you take a closer look at something, you can dissect it with … Continue reading