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The Bird’s Nest – Derek W.

In class so far, we’ve been discussing various aspects of our new unit: Aesthetics. All of us are now picking a piece of art and examining various aspects through an aesthetic lens. After thinking about works of art worth blogging about, I finally settled on the Beijing National Stadium. This iconic building has been considered by … Continue reading

The Bumps Along the Road of Ethical Development – Derek

Morality and ethics, as I view it, are both collections of precedents, trial and error, and simple learning. When we think of ethics, many of us will think in terms of a set of rules. Set out by some incomprehensible facet of humanity. Some might even think that because we are humans, we have ethics. … Continue reading

For the sake of knowledge, let’s just assume.

The past few days in class, I got a chance to see what the philosophical society defined one of the ideas that I thought of in the first unit “Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry. Now when studying epistemology I can add considerable information and include new concepts to express my thoughts. At the beginning of the … Continue reading

Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W

We’ve all heard of the name Aristotle, especially throughout the course of this class. The Aristotle we have come to know, however, is the old, matured, and wizened philosopher. We have barely looked at Aristotle the youngster, the pupil, and the host of his precocious mind. As a student of Plato, he studied at Plato’s … Continue reading

Logic in “The Walking Dead”

Recently I’ve been watching a YouTuber play a game called ‘the walking dead”, an interactive version of the popular TV series. Throughout the series, various characters get bitten and each time the main character (Lee) must decide whether to shoot the infected before they turn or to wait and take the chance. Near where PewDiePie … Continue reading

Broken Dubstep and Criminal Surgeons

All Dubstep makes loud harsh electronic sounds Broken electronics also make loud harsh electronic sounds Therefore broken electronics are Dubstep In this syllogism: “A” (middle term) is Harsh Electronic Sounds “B” (predicate term) is Dubstep “C” (subject term) is “Broken Electronics” In ABC form. This syllogism would be represented like this: All B produce A … Continue reading

Because You’re a Bad Person

Looking through the local letters to the editor I found heaps of faulty logic buried within wrtiers trying to sound convincing. I picked out one of the more obvious ones below: And as a creative person, I feel a little insulted that Coun. Terry O’Neill seems to consider artistic output “propaganda.” Do councillors O’Neill or … Continue reading

Which way out of the cave? “What cave?” – Derek W.

Over the past few days in our classroom, there have been things going on that I feel don’t happen very often at our school. We’ve just gotten into Philosophy and the basics of it and the tip of the iceberg has already astonished me. I feel as though I have never thought before. However, through … Continue reading