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The Problem of Evil

 I don’t have a picture for this post. I don’t have a symbol. But allow me to paint one with words. I have a friend whose wife might be leaving him. Of late their home has been flooded with tension, tears and strife. His three year old daughter has been putting band-aids all over her … Continue reading

The Faith of Science

Faith is belief without evidence; faith is belief even in the face of contrary evidence; faith is believing what you know is not true. Is that faith? I’ve heard it defined in this manner. It would appear that the various scientific methodologies don’t embody faith in the manner described above. Science, after all, is supposed to … Continue reading

A Contentious Argument for God’s Existence?

*The term God is not being used as a religious concept, but in an Aristotelian sense where the term God represents an explanatory entity for some observable feature of the universe. Nor is the conclusion of this argument necessarily tied to any specific religious tradition. Whatever comes into existence has a cause The universe came … Continue reading

Why Be an Open Participant?

An ancient proverb states, “those who walk with the wise become wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom.’ Since wisdom seems preferable to folly, I’ve spent a lot of the last 5 or 6 years reading philosophers searching for wisdom, insight, and help in my own thinking and worldview … Continue reading

WWJD – What Would Juno Do?

You might remember the movie. A girl gets pregnant and instead of getting an abortion she carries the baby to term and gives her baby up for adoption. Do you remember that interesting little girl standing outside the abortion clinic talking about the babies’ fingernails? I am that weird little girl in a grown man’s … Continue reading

The Objectivity of Science

The Objectivity of Science Science can produce true beliefs about the world. Science is also very helpful. Science, however, is done by scientists. Therefore, science is never a fully objective endeavor. That could probably be put into a syllogistic form. The scientific method is notoriously difficult to define (and is in fact a philosophical question. … Continue reading

The Objectivity of Evil ?

Hi everyone, This is Chris from the community. I’m actually an old classmate of your teacher. I’m learning TONS from reading your posts. The creativity exemplified is inspiring and puts me to shame. As the leader of a church community, I’m fascinated by questions of truth and good and evil and I’ve noticed these terms … Continue reading