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The Art of Silence- Dylan

I sat in my chair, in this little restaurant in downtown Vancouver, listening intently to the music being performed in front of me. I could feel the twenty or so other bodies in the room sitting at tables nearby , all of us within a few meters of the performers. Of all the pieces that … Continue reading

Epistemology Inquiry ~ Dylan

               Within the tunnel of Epistemology, I’m somewhere in there spinning sporadically in every direction, caught in a whirlwind of confusion, bewilderment and jet lag. These past weeks of dissecting the very nature of knowing have really taken me on a very exciting, very puzzling path. Engaging in epistemological questions usually ended up taking me … Continue reading

Dylan 2013-2014

Posts: Logic- The Logic of Nigel Tufnel, One Likes to Believe in the Freedom of Music Scientific Philosophy- “Thomas Kuhn, is Science Objective” Metaphysics-  Arthur Schopenhauer, Suffering, Schopenhauer, and Strings Epistemology-  Epistemology Inquiry Aesthetics- The Art of Silence Comments/Discussions: Discussion on “The Will” Epicurus, good, and evil

Suffering, Schopenhauer, and Strings -Dylan

This past week and a half’s explorations into the world’s being and the way that we perceive it as human beings has been a whirlwind joyride of amazing discussions and surprising personal discoveries. Dissecting ideas of the very nature of reality and the root of our world’s mysterious nature has lead me through many different … Continue reading

Arthur Schopenhauer – Dylan

“The world is my representation” Welcome to the magnificent world of Arthur Schopenhauer, where all things are meaningless and we are doomed to be internally frustrated for the rest of our lives… while you’re here, why not grab a guitar? Arthur Schopenhauer was born on February 12, 1977, in Gdansk, Germany. From day one Schopenhauer’s … Continue reading

“Thomas Kuhn, Is Science Objective?”~ Aidan, Dylan, Katherine

Thomas Kuhn was born on July 18, 1922. He was an American physicist, historian, and scientific philosopher. Before Kuhn, there wasn’t any really detailed map of how science progressed. But he helped to paint a picture of the way that science was able to grow and contribute more knowledge to the scientific community. Kuhn discussed … Continue reading

One Likes to Believe in the Freedom of Music ~ Dylan

This video was one episode of a T.V. show on CNN called Crossfire. The debate at the time was to discuss the proposed ideas of censorship on albums in music. The argument written down below is on the side of censors, represented here by John Lofton, newspaper journalist.  The argument at the time was spearheaded … Continue reading

Busking Debate ~ Dylan

http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ottawa-busker-says-bylaw-on-microphone-use-discriminates-against-female-performers-1.1473347 In Ottawa, a rule in the world of busking has banned street performers from being able to have amplification with them during their performances. A street variety performer who’s act involves talking, argues the fact that with this new rule, women street performers are not going to be able to work anymore by themselves as … Continue reading

The Logic of Nigel Tufnel ~ Dylan

Stonehenge was built in a cold climate Aliens don’t build in cold climates Therefore, Stonehenge wasn’t built by aliens This is a great twist of a valid argument where the conclusion that we’ve arrived to is one that we can agree on and is backed up by science, but the way that we’ve come to … Continue reading

What is Philosophy?- Dylan

Answering the question, what is philosophy, is just as baffling as the very topics that are contained within it. The way I see it, philosophy is a subject that engulfs many different topics and ideas. And since philosophy is such a varied and interesting topic, it takes a lot to try and define it at … Continue reading