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Is “True Democracy” A Good Idea? – Jennifer and Clayton

Should the government reflect or impose the values of society? At first glance, it seems like a simple question to answer. The basic definition of a “democratic government” is a government representing its citizens in the decisions they make. But what happens when the views of the people could potentially lead to self-destruction? There are … Continue reading

Where’s the art? -Clayton

Take a close look. Try and find the real beauty in this picture. Now, before you strain your eyes too hard, or try anything fancy like a “ctrl+f” search for “Art,” just keep on reading. The art is right beneath your nose. It’s Wally (Or Waldo, if you’re American), and he is beautiful. If I … Continue reading

The eternal game of Tetris. -Clay

Epistemology has definitely been an interesting topic to cover over the last week or so. I’ve definitely spent a significant number of hours just trying to puzzle out what I think. At the start of this unit my thoughts were so jumbled and messy that I just couldn’t figure out what I really thought.After quite … Continue reading

Heraclitus- Clayton

Heraclitus was quite the interesting philosopher. He lived during the period of 535 BCE to 475 BCE. He believed in many things, some beliefs contradicting others. Heraclitus was born into an aristocratic family, and had many¬†privileges such as an education. As his life went on, he became an influential thinker, forming metaphysical philosophies and doing … Continue reading

The Hitchhikers Guide to a Logical Argument

Imagine walking along, minding your own business, and all of a sudden stopping dead in your tracks only to discover that you’ve come face to face with an angry beast on the hunt. If this just-so-happens to be a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, there’s no reason to panic. That is, as long as you … Continue reading

Zombies and Logical Fallacies

There are no zombies at Pacific Playland.¬† Pacific Playland is in the United States of America.¬† Therefore there are no zombies in the United States of America. After watching the movie again, I couldn’t help but to notice that this syllogism is untrue, seeing as in Zombieland, there are zombies almost everywhere. But why? The … Continue reading