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The Societal Safety Net – Iris and Daniel

Ron Paul’s idea would’ve been to remove the safety net that so many people have come to rely on, and replace it with private charities that people could donate to on their own free will. Based on 2010 figures, the “safety net” cost the federal government 900 billion. Matching that would require roughly $3000 per American … Continue reading

Daniel – The Chain Of Art

Released in 2011 in Australia and in America in 2012, Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know (featuring Kimbra) was an instant hit. The lyrics lament about relationships that don’t work out and the inevitable aftermaths, which is unfortunately an all-too-real reality for the better of us. The inspiration for this song, of course, is … Continue reading

Daniel – Teh Internetz

As a society and culture, we can pretty much obtain whatever form of entertainment we want from the internet nowadays. Sites like Napster, Limewire and PirateBay to name but a few are among the vast arsenal of tools we use on a day to day basis to pirate music, movies, programs and even games. Tens … Continue reading

The Epistemological Continuum

So I just watched Cloud Atlas and at this time, would like to completely throw this draft out the window and start anew, but I won’t. I’ll simply mull over my life in my own little world that I may or may not have any control over any longer. My only regret is not watching … Continue reading

Thomas Kuhn – Metaphysiologist

“Rather than being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses.” – This guy -> Kuhn came from a background in physics, having obtained his Ph D from Harvard University but later through academic freedom switched to history of science and philosophy. After obtaining his Ph D he began … Continue reading

Postmodernism – Kristina, Daniel, Leanne

Postmodernists believe that society (economics, dominant races and genders, politics, etc.) has tainted the language and definitions we use and basically everything we’ve come to know as “knowledge” and so therefore they believe that science is subjective and that subjectivity is based on the dominant factors of society in that time period. By extension, postmodernists … Continue reading

Cliche Quotes

Not all that glitters is gold. That is, unless you’re Smash Mouth or a rich lady in a Led Zeppelin song. The aforementioned quote is quite a famous and rather cliche one featured in the likes of Shakespeare’s plays and Chuck Norris jokes, and many things inbetween. At a glance one may say yes, the statement is … Continue reading

Multitasking At Its Finest

So as an attempt  to prepare for an English test tomorrow and also get some philosophy out of the way, I’ve decided to look for logic used in the script of Macbeth by Shakespeare, and decipher it both logically and into our modern day English. First (spoiler alert!) here’s the conversation between Malcolm and Donalbain … Continue reading

Your Argument Is Valid, But Lacks Truth

All Canadians live in igloos. I am Canadian, therefore I live in an igloo. The premises would be that I am Canadian and that Canadians live in igloos. The conclusion would be that I live in an igloo, because I’m Canadian. In this case, Canadians would be the middle term, the fact that Canadians live in igloos … Continue reading

Pursuit Of Knowledge. How Much Is Too Much? -Daniel

I stumbled upon an article a few years back. It was an explanation about Pokemon. How it was all a dream and Ash was actually in reality in a coma on life support, providing evidence as to how this is such as Ash’s apparent lack of aging throughout some 5 generations. Let me tell you, … Continue reading