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Jumping the Fence

I was looking through my posts and I just realized that I accidentally never published this one, only saved it as a draft… Might as well post it. It is in a similar style to what I believe my final project will be anyway. So here it is: It may surprise you that when I … Continue reading


There are many different beliefs and opinions about what art is, or even what it should aim to be. It seems to be as many of the subjects that are discussed in Philosophy and English class; open to continuous discussion. The painting above was done by my grandmother. She told me it tried to make … Continue reading

Mariana- Gay Marriage

Is it ethical to prevent  gay marriage? Lately, when my little sister goes to bed and I can watch programs other than “Curious George” or “Dora,” I have been bombarded with ads on gay marriage. At first I was puzzled as to why they were showing those ads, seeing as Canada has already legalized same-sex-marriage, … Continue reading

Epistemology- Starting to unravel

In my first assignment I briefly touched upon on Socrates idea that all he knew was that he knew nothing. I tend to agree with him in the sense that I believe there is so much knowledge out there, new things being discovered and even things that we can only truly understand by going through … Continue reading

Baruch Spinoza

Like many important thinkers, Baruch Spinoza, a philosopher of the seventeenth century, was actually never recognized for his work during his life. Though of Portuguese ancestry, due to the Portuguese Inquisition, he was born and lived in a Jewish community in Amsterdam. There, influenced by his readings and peers, such as Frances van den Enden … Continue reading

Jennifer, Mariana, and Misha: A Discussion of Logical Positivism by the Vienna Circle

What is logical positivism, you ask? A form of logical positivism is dated back to Comte in the 1800s, with us, the Vienna Circle, now building upon his ideas along with the Berlin Circle. The view of logical positivism under Comte was divided human thought into different categories: theological, metaphysical, and positive or scientific. We … Continue reading

Small compilation of thoughts

So instead of doing a post on a fallacy or syllogism, I would like to take a few minutes to try and see why there are so many examples of things that before decomposed, many people believe. Could it be that it is just in our nature to take something as true, if it is … Continue reading

Portugal and Spain Fallacy

The Portuguese look like the Spanish, Portuguese sounds similar to Spanish. Therefore the Portuguese and the Spanish must be one and the same. NO. Portugal became a country in 1139, centuries before Spain. The Portuguese have different customs and traditions.  Both countries languages have similarities due to the fact that they come from Latin, but … Continue reading

Can we use logic with love?

Putting aside the clear satire tone, the song tries to put logically one of the things that most people have such a hard time thinking objectively about; love. We all have those who are close and dear to us and it can be difficult to imagine ourselves without them. Yet the world is filled with … Continue reading

Ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is bliss. I truly dislike that statement. First I’ll start by decomposing it. Is it in this case ignorance as in lack of knowledge or lack of awareness that there is knowledge that one has not yet acquired? And how can it create bliss? A word that is used to define enjoyment or pleasure. … Continue reading