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Stephen Downes reveals his Batman origins

This is a pretty great background on Stephen Downes’ appearance in #Philosophy12 (specifically, Logic). From Zoe: With my limited knowledge of Stephen Downes, I suspect these all to be true. His territory is the internet, which he prowls with the knowledge that if he sees non-desirable behavior, he will put an end to it. We … Continue reading

My Twin, Stephen Downes

So far, Stephen Downes hasn’t attacked me like Batman (patrols his territory under his own power and initiative, strikes fear into the heart of wrong doers in the dead of night, and does these things with only the tools and skills he has acquired through training himself to extremely high levels) yet. While I have … Continue reading

Connective Knowledge and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Today I read a very interesting blog post about knowledge. It was by Stephen Downes on the different types of Knowledge and Connective Knowledge. This introduced a fifth kind of knowledge based on a network of connections. Connective Knowledge involves learning about networks and learning from networks and connections. In the post Stephen mentions that … Continue reading

Cycle 1: September – January 2012-13

Most Viewed Posts Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means? Math Class Logic – Emily Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan John Locke – Steph Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe) – Jonathan Most Commented Posts Nature? What Nature? Daniel – Teh Internetz John Locke Zoe: Batman is On the Internet WWJD – What Would Juno … Continue reading

Logic Week Blogging Assignments (For-Credit & Open-Online Participants)

Above please find the criteria for this week’s assignments to be blogged here on the #Philosophy12 site. Face-to-Face / For-Credit Participants (that’s you, block two!): Please fulfill the criteria to the best of your ability in the time allotted. If you would like to amend the assignments or riff in an as-yet-undescribed manner, see me during … Continue reading

Open Online Invite to #Philosophy12

Welcome (back)! For the second year running, Gleneagle Secondary‘s Philosophy 12 class is being conducted as an open-online course, you are able to enroll as a non-credit learner in the community. Like it sounds, being a non-credit student means that you will not receive any institutional credit for your participation in the course, but are … Continue reading

Looking back on Philosophy 12

As we have wrapped up our study of Philosophy 12 for the year (to be continued in September if enough people enroll in the for-credit portion of the course), I wanted to document a few initial elements of the class statistics and participation before the analytics widget goes to sleep and isn’t around to be compared to … Continue reading

Syllogisms, Evil Clowns and Epistemology – Nicholas

I’m hoping to make this post a little like my earlier one where I made a series of syllogisms. Hopefully this will let me create some sort of substantial definition of knowledge while explaining some of the obvious premises of it. Here goes. (Premise 1.1) We think nothing but our thoughts – this should be self explanatory … Continue reading

Fallacies of Ambiguity

I cannot get a job. Government is responsible for creating jobs. The prime minister is the head of government. Therefore, my unemployment is the prime minister’s fault. There is one major reason that each of these statements is flawed, in one way or another. Let me decompose. 1. “I cannot get a job” rarely means that there are … Continue reading

Hal Jordan Hates Lemonade

Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on anything coloured yellow. Some standard tennis balls are yellow. Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on some standard tennis balls. In this syllogism, the pattern of A(Hal Jordan’s ring) cannot be(used on) B(anything yellow) Some C(standard tennis balls) are B(yellow) A(Hal Jordan’s ring)  cannot be (used on) C( … Continue reading