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Democratic government and society’s goals -Misha & Toren

By definition democracy means a government by the people. If government is ‘by the people’ does it really achieve society’s goal as a whole? There are five main goals that a democratic government should supposedly reach that being security, prosperity, equality, justice, and liberty. However for a democracy to work a society must have rule … Continue reading

Jennifer, Mariana, and Misha: A Discussion of Logical Positivism by the Vienna Circle

What is logical positivism, you ask? A form of logical positivism is dated back to Comte in the 1800s, with us, the Vienna Circle, now building upon his ideas along with the Berlin Circle. The view of logical positivism under Comte was divided human thought into different categories: theological, metaphysical, and positive or scientific. We … Continue reading

The Quotation Fallacy “💬”

Originally posted on SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ:
SoundEagle in the Court of Quotation ? SoundEagle in 疾風知勁草 Dear Readers and Followers as well as Lovers and Collectors of Fine Quotes, Presented here in style is a collection of potentially inspirational and thought-provoking quotes, chosen for you by SoundEagle. Many of these quotes have reached us in the present…

Scientific Philosophy Group Headings

This week we will be attempting to respond to the question, Is Science Objective? through a variety of lenses. Read up on the links below to help us in choosing our groups for this course of study. The Objectivity of Science Chris Price Postmodernism Kristina, Daniel & Leanne Philosophy of Deutsch Richard and Greg Thomas Kuhn Daniel Guide … Continue reading

Cycle 1: September – January 2012-13

Most Viewed Posts Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means? Math Class Logic – Emily Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan John Locke – Steph Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe) – Jonathan Most Commented Posts Nature? What Nature? Daniel – Teh Internetz John Locke Zoe: Batman is On the Internet WWJD – What Would Juno … Continue reading

Ethical Issues Project Self-Evaluation

Below is some of the collected wisdom from the peer/self evaluation questions posted here.  What do you think your group did well?   We managed time well, and everyone contributed. Everyone met the deadlines for the different things that they were asked to do (write bring props). I think our group did a good job of … Continue reading

Leanne- Abortion

I am one of those people who is rather neutral on many issues, but is strongly opinionated on others. Abortion is one of those. I do understand both sides of the argument and I can identify with those on each side, but I also believe that, on my side, the rewards outweigh the rest. I’m … Continue reading