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Good and Right- Zoe and Keagan

Who decides what is right in society? There is the good, and there is the right. What is good is what we find to hold value in and of itself, the things that have an intrinsic value. It would be good not kill people. The good however is not always a shared concept, people don’t … Continue reading

Metaphysical Exploration Through Truth and Gandhi-Keagan Archer-Hastie

   Mohandas Gandhi’s pursuit into the meaning of life went as far as the study of ontology and the meaning of life through the pursuit of truth and the soul. He was also highly influenced by religion and based many of his opinions and his philosophy on the existence of a god. His main philosophy was satyagraha … Continue reading

Anarchistic Epistemology – The Fallacies of Science. Liam, Clayton, Keagan

Imagine, if you will, an institution that claims to hold the key to all knowledge. No true understanding can come from anywhere else – everything we know now, and everything we ever will know, can only be discovered under its tutelage. More than that, this institution labels those who disagree with it fools, and heretics … Continue reading

Scientific Philosophy Group Headings

This week we will be attempting to respond to the question, Is Science Objective? through a variety of lenses. Read up on the links below to help us in choosing our groups for this course of study. The Objectivity of Science Chris Price Postmodernism Kristina, Daniel & Leanne Philosophy of Deutsch Richard and Greg Thomas Kuhn Daniel Guide … Continue reading

Cycle 1: September – January 2012-13

Most Viewed Posts Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means? Math Class Logic – Emily Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan John Locke – Steph Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe) – Jonathan Most Commented Posts Nature? What Nature? Daniel – Teh Internetz John Locke Zoe: Batman is On the Internet WWJD – What Would Juno … Continue reading

Leanne- Abortion

I am one of those people who is rather neutral on many issues, but is strongly opinionated on others. Abortion is one of those. I do understand both sides of the argument and I can identify with those on each side, but I also believe that, on my side, the rewards outweigh the rest. I’m … Continue reading