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Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan

In analyzing the balance between pragmatism and idealism, we concluded that the most important subject of discussion is the goals of democracy. While we have many different ways to run it, the aim of government is what affects its quality and style the most. As time has progressed, we have seen a dynamic change in the … Continue reading

Perspicacious Popper (And His World Views) – Jonathan and Nick

The majority of Karl Popper’s beliefs can be summarized in one theory – the theory of falsifiability. Popper was the first philosopher to popularize falsifiability, as well as apply in a more general fashion to a greater field of science. For a statement to be “falsifiable”, it must be inherently confirmable or verifiable by experiment … Continue reading

Jonathan Toews, a Famous Hockey Player

Someone named Jonathan Toews is a famous hockey player I am someone named Jonathan Toews Therefore, I am a famous hockey player   This syllogism is both categorically invalid as well as not sound. Even though both premises are true, the two premises are particular propositions and do not relate to each other in a … Continue reading

If Philosophers Could Tweet (Jonathan Toews)

Many great philosophers have existed over time. Many have given us the framework for what we consider philosophy to be, today. For my project on human nature, I decided to step into their shoes; literally. In an earlier post regarding ZPD, I talked briefly about my use of Twitter to present philosophers’ opinons. Here is an … Continue reading

Jonathan Toews – Modern Education and ZPD

This week, our ever-so-engaging philosophy class delved into “The Allegory of the Cave“. Live on ds106 Radio, we covered topics ranging from realism to progress. Of all of the different directions the discussion brought us, I was most fascinated by the points brought up regarding change. Specifically, one of the headers in our vast and winding … Continue reading

Jonathan T: The Journey of Philosophy

Epistemology Intro Reading

For Monday, please read the two posts linked below, both from Jonathan Toews’ work last year: Individual Development of Knowledge The development of one’s own epistemological statement requires a basis of knowledge in the subject (ironically enough). In reading a booklet provided to us, everything seemed to overlap. Each subject, each idea seemed to reach … Continue reading

Scientific Philosophy Group Headings

This week we will be attempting to respond to the question, Is Science Objective? through a variety of lenses. Read up on the links below to help us in choosing our groups for this course of study. The Objectivity of Science Chris Price Postmodernism Kristina, Daniel & Leanne Philosophy of Deutsch Richard and Greg Thomas Kuhn Daniel Guide … Continue reading

Cycle 1: September – January 2012-13

Most Viewed Posts Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means? Math Class Logic – Emily Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan John Locke – Steph Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe) – Jonathan Most Commented Posts Nature? What Nature? Daniel – Teh Internetz John Locke Zoe: Batman is On the Internet WWJD – What Would Juno … Continue reading

First Assignment: What is Philosophy?

In the interest of inviting our Open Online participants to join us right from the outset, I wanted to share the introductory activity the face-to-face class will be working on over the weekend so that we might get to know some of you out there as we come into next week. The assignment – one of a … Continue reading