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Links & Assorted Philosophical Collegiality from @DrGarcia

The last few days has seen the activity in #Philosophy12 expand across the Internet with the use of DS106 Radio, a user-maintained web-radio station I’ve been working and playing with for the last year and half, that has allowed our class readings and discussion to be shared with a wider audience and learning community. No … Continue reading

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Thanks to eternal #Philosophy12 participant and friend GNA Garcia for sharing this Harvard University course on Justice. Covering topics from murder, to cannibalism, and ethical conundrums well-beyond, the popular Harvard class (billed as “the most popular class in Harvard history”) is available freely on the Youtube. Embedded above is the first episode, which tackles the … Continue reading

Cycle 1: September – January 2012-13

Most Viewed Posts Nicholas: Utilitarianism, Do the Ends Justify the Means? Math Class Logic – Emily Idealism and Pragmatism – Derek & Jonathan John Locke – Steph Aristotle’s Hylomorphism – Derek W Burj Khalifa – Inspiring Morality (maybe) – Jonathan Most Commented Posts Nature? What Nature? Daniel – Teh Internetz John Locke Zoe: Batman is On the Internet WWJD – What Would Juno … Continue reading

Looking back on Philosophy 12

As we have wrapped up our study of Philosophy 12 for the year (to be continued in September if enough people enroll in the for-credit portion of the course), I wanted to document a few initial elements of the class statistics and participation before the analytics widget goes to sleep and isn’t around to be compared to … Continue reading

The Ethics of Care

GNA Garcia recommended the inclusion of “Care Ethics” to our readings and other supplements for the Ethics unit. Following from the link she shared on Twitter, the Ethics of Care refers to: The moral theory known as “ the ethics of care” implies that there is moral significance in the fundamental elements of relationships and dependencies in human … Continue reading


Many thanks to GNA Garcia who shared this brilliant history of philosophical satire on twitter today: My crowning moment in word serendipity is seared into my brain. I was thumbing through Paul Hellweg’s ”Insomniac’s Dictionary” when I stumbled upon the word resistentialism , which Hellweg defines as ”seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects.” Reading … Continue reading

Philosophy Pop Quiz

As it deals with pedagogical reflections that are personal beyond the realm of the Philosophy course, I have cross-posted this on my own blog.  I’m grateful to Dr. Gardner Campbell of Virginia Tech for letting me bring his daily pop-quiz into #Philosophy12 this semester, as it creates a context for learning that highlights behaviours that … Continue reading

“It was a musical thing and you were supposed to dance…”

I have to thank GNA Garcia for referring me to this brief animation from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, set to the narration of philosopher Alan Watts. It is an interesting thread to connect to some of the conversation in the comments of the Cornell West video post, where Tobey Steeves has … Continue reading