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Discussable Object – Deion

The past week since we have started doing Metaphysics has exhausted me to the point of insanity but yet I still should do this blog post I guess. The philosopher that I have chosen is David John Chalmers though he is not the most popular philosopher out there I do agree with his ideas. 

After the day off my group and I decided on one central theme I guess which basically was we shouldn’t be close minded when thinking about things because then we will limit our other possibilities. It took me a while to figure out what exactly what my this whole thing meant but I did my best too decode it. Basically I guess we shouldn’t be so quick to cross out other options because then what could have turned out be spectacular is automatically not even in the picture because we are ignorant. However, I must admit that not every human being is like this there are those who believe in this strongly and think that we should be open to all options and not just keep our mind set to one but I know for myself that I catch myself doing this all the time blocking all other options when I am in a position where I have to decide something but I do, however; agree with this that we should all be open to all options in life and not just one. 

Although some may find opening their minds to other ideas completely stupid others may find it easier but either way to achieve this is reasonable. If you just simply cannot bring yourself to think or consider other options try to find ways to help you such as talking to a friend and see if they can convince you or maybe read a article or something of that nature. If you’re a person who likes only one and option don’t think that you’re a bad person but just remember that you may find life easier and may come out with a better outcome if you open your mind. 


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