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This past week has been a pretty philosophical one. For Phil’s Day off, Ashley, Jessica and I had an interesting and inquisitive day of cooking, where we used the theories of our philosophers to question the meaning of what we were doing. My philosopher, Peter Van Inwagen, believed that God created all things that are physically there, but once something exists, the force of nature takes over and humans have no control over anything because all events are the result of nature taking its course. This theory was brought to light in our Phil’s Day Off experiment. We decided to play around with cooking as much as we could without using a recipe so that we could experiment with the theory that nature rules all actions. We were basically winging the recipes, which lead to some unexpected things happening, such as the stove randomly turning off and us running out of ingredients. My kitchen also looked like a hurricane had gone through it afterward, so I guess you could say that Van Inwagen really proved himself that day.


On Wednesday, my metaphysics group got together and we compared our Phil’s Day Off stories, which eventually brought us to the conclusion that perception creates reality. This, however, could be contradicted by the idea that there can only ever be one reality, and that reality is the common denominator in any situation. Rather than reality acting as the conclusion of perception, many would say that perception being the conclusion of reality no matter what the situation rules over the other theory. Van Inwagen would support this theory of reality being dominant over everything, as he believed that nature is reality and humans cannot control reality; reality is what controls us. That being said, everyone views reality differently. A situation may have multiple realities rather than just one that is independent over all other factors. An argument that could be made is that there is more to reality than is laid out before us, and by just looking at the bare surface of a fact we are limiting ourselves from discovering a further, even truer reality… which brings us back to perception. We as humans can only take in so much information at once, but that doesn’t stop reality from being a fact. If perception creates reality, does that mean our senses are the deciding factor of reality? The question remains unanswered, but Van Inwagen would say that rather than perception creating reality, reality is created by God and proven by nature.



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