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Phil’s day off object to discuss

I’m not exactly sure where to start, so I will begin by describing my Phil’s day off adventure.
When I had my experience, it wasn’t planned, at all. I wasn’t even thinking about the assignment, and I think that is what allowed me to have the experience that I did.

Last weekend, my good friend Meghan invited me to come to her dads thanksgiving dinner with her, and I happily took her up on the offer. After an hour of watching everyone prepare for the dinner, we decided to go for a bike ride along the river path. We rode around the neighbourhood for a while, and enjoyed the cold fall weather. Everything was slow and mundane until we came across an abandoned ship yard. At first, we were hesitant to explore, but after finding a break in the fence, we decided we couldn’t throw away the opportunity. We pushed our bikes through the fence, and hid them behind a small shed. The overall appearance of the property was eerie and off putting. It was as I we had been dropped in a Friday the 13th movie. There was a collection of old buildings, some decayed and flooded, but some perfectly preserved. We walked through all of them and opened every closed door. It was almost like being in another diemsion, it was like we stepped away from our lives and crossed into the past. After exploring every inch of the property, we came across a motor home that we had thought was abandoned, but after further creeping around, realized there was somebody inside. This was enough to end our nice little adventure; we quietly ran back to our bikes and left. I managed to take a souvineer, which is what I have chosen as my object to discuss.

Terence McKenna’s idea on consciousness and reality relates perfectly with my experience. First of all, it was totally unplanned, which is why it was able to happen. I didn’t have a set plan, there for, I did not limit my possibilities by having a pre determined path of what I was going to experience. Terence believes that by believing in only what you are physically seeing and viewing the world as a one dimensional place, you are killing any chance you have at experiencing the possibilities and the things that we can’t see. By not thinking about what was happening as it was happening, I was able to be in be moment and be fully open to any experience I could possibly have.

On a larger scale, my group came up with a theme that stated ” by having a pre determined path or expectation of what is to happen, you are narrowing down your possibilities to only one path you can take.” This ties in beautifully to my experience and my metaphysician. A few people in my group said that they planned out and thought about everything , which in the long run, limited them in what they where able to accomplish. I found this very interesting ,and supportive of our idea. Our contradiction would be that by having a set plan and pre determining your path, you are allowing yourself to have experiences Because you are guaranteeing them. I think Terrance would say that this is possible, but by not being open to other possibilities, you are limiting yourself. The other philosophers of my group would say similar things.

Here is my object, which is a framed photo of logging trucks that was hanging from a wall in an old office




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