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Phils Day Off Object – Heather

My group consisted of Socretes, Plato, Aristotle, and Confucius. My philosopher, Confucius was very much an outsider considering Socretes taught Plato who taught Aristotle, and meanwhile Confucius was buried in China and had been for a century. However, gathering from the discussion my group had, the philosophical findings of Confucius relate to Socretes and Plato, but not so much to Aristotle. Although one could argue that Plato taught Aristotle, so his views may have been passed down, Aristotle’s views on reality were all about movement and its importance in physics and other sciences. The other three philosophers all concluded similarly in that reality is somehow dependant on relationships. Scientists have done enough studies to know that when we lose social connectivity within our lives, sooner or later, to some degree, we lose our minds. Cabin Fever being the first and foremost in my mind. It seems that socialization is the anchor to reality, and once that anchor is pulled up, we float through a fabricated, abstract personal reality.

My Painting

For Phil’s Day Off, I painted a picture of a lake with a hillside in the background. I decided to paint because I think more freely when I’m painting. Maybe because I know I won’t be doing anything else until I’m finished, or maybe because I’m calm and focused. Either way, I found it easy to ponder Confucian philosophies. The problem was, whenever I’d come to any conclusions, I couldn’t stop and write it down, because that would have disrupted my paint process. So I don’t remember all of my theories and whatnot. However, in finishing my painting I remember thinking that if I was Confucius, this painting may have expressed my idea of harmony. In my post about Confucius, I explained it a little more, but Confucian belief follows 5 basic relationships and the idea that if the roles of each relationship are executed correctly, the world will be harmonious. In this painting, you see a calm lake, (representing a satisfied, peaceful society) surrounded by looming mountains, (representing government) on which live a forest (representing another complicated, yet thriving ecosystem / society) and a cloudy blue sky and barren grey rock face (representing balance.) My group’s statement was something along the lines of how “good” can be shown through your relationships. I suppose the contradictory side of the coin would have to be that “bad” can also be shown.




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