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Discussable object – Jessica

Metaphysics week has been tough on my already melted brain due the past subjects. The philosopher I have chosen is Albert Einstein which was definitely a poor choice on my behalf because he is more of a scientist/mathematician than a philosopher but he has a few concepts that come from a more metaphysical perspective; this only means my horizons have been cut short. I found this quote from Einstein that I have been basing my entire metaphysical opinions on and in short form, it states that we are all part of the whole, that is the universe, and we create our own illusion of consciousness where we only appreciate what is nearest to us and is easily accessible to us creating a prison; and our goal in life is to break free from that prison and broaden our horizons.

After our Phil’s Day Off project, my group came up with the theme “Metacognition should enhance the experience, not be the experience.”(Mind: Blown) To dumb it down, being aware of one’s surroundings shouldn’t be a stressful experience but an enlightening one. It took a little while to figure out where this statement contradicts itself but I have managed to figure it out. To open one’s mind and see things from a different perspective it requires one to think in a different manner, out of the norm. To some people this will come with ease and they will be interesting and well-rounded people who aren’t like everyone else, but to others (such as myself) changing one’s thought process like that is a difficult task and may cause overthinking and a stressful break down because of the lack of philosophy running through your veins and failing your philosophy 12 class.

It is a difficult task to try to resolve this conflict as overthinking is a something that many people are guilty of and I know first-hand that it is not easy task to overcome, BUT is definitely doable. If you find yourself struggling to open your mind and see things from a different perspective, try a different way or try to simplify things. The world is not as complicated as us overthinkers make it seem. It all ties in together. Changing the way you think to make the world seem like a more beautiful place leads to less stress from the people who like to over think things and make it more complicated.

Albert Einstein is a brilliant man with a lot of achievements and recognition because of the way he chose to live his life and think differently than the rest of us. With his different thinking he created a complicated life and got through it in a successful way and changed the world. The way my philosopher would have overcome this contradiction would be to just run at it head on and succeed. The issue that comes with the statement that my group has come up with is people may complicate their life with trying to simplify it by overthinking and stressing out over things that aren’t worth stressing out over. The other people in my group have come up with a similar solution to the contradiction and to sum it all up in a few words, life is only as complicated as you make it. People have the control to direct their life and depending on what road one would want to take, determine how challenging life will be and how much you will have upon your plate.


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