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Perception, Reality, and The Matrix? – Emily

My group’s theme was perception creates one’s reality. A main problem that I’ve had with that is that it’s

possible for your reality to be that there’s only one reality. Therefore the two perceptions of reality cannot co-exist with both of them meaning two opposite things.

One of the scariest things is that everything could be in your head. Many movies have demonstrated this by showing characters awakening from their version of reality to discover that there is something else, a “truer reality” that they have never known. A good example of that is the Matrix where Neo awakens from the Matrix to discover that it was all essentially in his head.



The Matrix, is our version of reality and this movie explores the idea that our version of reality is not true and that there is another reality. The “true reality”. It is only when you awaken your mind that you discover that what you though was true is in fact false. Now, where it becomes more confusing is that that reality is also not necessarily the true reality. It could be that that is their own reality and that what they were living in before is the one reality. When you go further, is there one true reality, or does everyone have their own reality and their own version of the world? In short, is anything real? I think that one of the only ways to comprehend this theory that life is different for everyone is to understand it. When you begin to understand that everything could possibly be fake and all in your head you need to find a way to come to terms with it and to understand that that gives you more freedom. You are not bound by what anyone else does. You have your own reality.

According to Spinoza, reality is perfection and if any circumstances are seen as unfortunate it is only because of inadequate conception of reality. Spinoza also said that God and nature were the same reality. Although he didn’t ever explicitly say it, I believe that Spinoza believed in one universal reality with God and nature dictating the rules of society. Henri Bergson believed that immediate experience and intuition are the most effective for understanding reality. He also found that the thought of reality exceeds our logic and that we cannot begin to properly understand it. Our reality surrounds us and it is there even if we do not want it to be there. Thomas Aquinas believed that God is the author of all truth and whatever is discovered to be true about reality should not be challenged. He said that faith or religion affect’s one’s perception or reality. How one view’s the world depends on their faith.

The truth is that no one can answer the question of “What is reality and is it affected by your perception? “The best that we can do is to think about it and try to discover as much as we can during our lifetimes. I believe that the reason that people ask these sorts of questions is that so they can live a better life. As soon as you ask these sorts of questions you begin to understand the purpose of life and of living.



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