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Discussable Object Blog Intro – Ramona

For our Phil’s Day Off, we came up for a theme for our 4 philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Confucious. “Our inner goodness is reflective of our behavior with others”


The condriticion of this would be ‘we can have inner goodness without the influence of others’.  This to a certain extent is true. The problem with this statement is that people need experience and be in contanct with each other to grow as a person, Without engaging with others, we don’t learn anything about ourselves or the people we live in this world with. Our experiences with people determine our behavior towards others. Socrates also believed the ideal life focuses on self development, especially the pursuit of goodness, virtue, justice, integrity and friendship. Because Socrates taught Plato, and Plato taught Aristotle, they all inherited a bit of this thought. In order to resolve this contradiction, you must surround yourself with people of good virtue which will reflect your behavior towards others. This will then shape who you are. 


After hours and hours of thought, I finally was able to come to a final decision for my object: A pair of slightly tinted glasses. They basically act as the symbol of my before and after thoughts on metaphysics with the help of Socrates. Before, I had a certain view on how people are and ‘what is’ and such. With the help of Socrates beliefs and theories on the world and it’s people, I was able to see a little bit differently. Without the glasses was suppose to represent the view I had and the tinted representing the different view.


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