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Terence Mckenna: philosophy’s free spirit

Terence was born on November 16th 1946 in Colorado.
He was an American lecturer and writer who dabbled in a variety of subjects, including metaphysics. He was a supporter of the use of hallucinogenic drugs as a tool to open up concours ness and explore different dimensions. He mainly focused on magic mushrooms, but also used marajuana, DMT and a variety of opiates. Terence studied art history at Berkeley, and later on biology.

At the beginning of his career, he studied shamanism, and specifically focused on hallucinogenic shamanism. He traveled to Tibet and studied Tibetan folk religion. He also traveled to Jerusalem, where he met his wife. After the completion of his studies, he went on an expedition too the amazon in search of oo-koo-he. This plant preparation contains DMT. Instead of finding it, he found a variety of other hallucinogenic substances that he then changed his focus to. Previously to this, he had traveled to Nepal and worked as a hashish smuggler, until U.S customs got ahold of one of his shipments. To avoid capture by Interpol, he spent time in Asia. He collected butterflies in Indonesia, explored ruins and worked as an English teacher in Tokyo.

After extensive work involving psychedelic drugs, he began to lecture in the 1980s. He became well known for his theories on human consciousness and the use of hallucinogenic drugs. He developed two theories. The “stoned ape” theory of human evolution and the novelty theory.

The stoned ape theory was proposed in Terence’s book “food for the gods.” In this theory he states that the jump from homo Erectus to homo Sapian was caused by the introduction of a special hallucinogenic mushroom known as p.cubensis. He also claims that these mushrooms caused the first religious experiences and thus are responsible for the creation of religion. His second theory, called the novelty theory, he claims that the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of times that increases interconnectedness. He predicted that a singularity of maximum complexity will be reached in 2012 at which point everything and anything can and will occur simultaneously. He conceived this idea well using DMT. McKenna also believed that the universe is a swarm of matter waves that spiral down the gradient of their synergetic constructive interference.

Terrance believes that viewing everything as ” a matter of fact” point of view is what destroys creative freedom, and by using drugs you can travel through different dimensions and meet ansestors, or spirits of the earth. I really like his view on the world, it’s very radically wild and interesting but fun and comforting


2 thoughts on “Terence Mckenna: philosophy’s free spirit

  1. A singularity of maximum complexity actually *did* happen in 2012, but we were so focused on the Mayan apocalypse none of us noticed it happening, and then it passed, and we returned to our normal complexity, which will continue for another 5 billion years.

    > the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of times that increases interconnectedness.

    Hegel has a similar theory.

    Posted by Stephen Downes | October 15, 2013, 6:52 pm
  2. Terence drew from Alfred North Whitehead and often referred to himself as a “Whitehead-ian”. To get in touch with a community of Terence fans, check out http://Mckennaforum.com

    Posted by Jonesy (@funnyjones) | October 22, 2013, 4:45 pm

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